Sara Paxton


Mediums: Oils

Style: Contemporary


Heartwarming Sara Paxton

Heartwarming © Sara Paxton


“Sara’s vibrant treatment of subject matter using vivid colour and contemporary form gives her paintings a unique, expressive style.

Born in the UK and growing up in an artistic and creative family environment, she chose painting as her medium. She moved to Sydney in her early twenties where she continued to study and develop her individual style.

She currently resides on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsular and frequently draws inspiration from the extremes offered by Victoria’s natural beauty. 

Sara has developed a strong Australian following through her solo and shared exhibitions and is developing an international following with increasing interest from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.”


Can you remember the first time you created something?

I started painting and drawing when I was about six or seven. I was obsessed with drawing dogs.

Do you listed to music while painting?

It’s a standing joke that I only listen to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan


Fresh Sara Paxton

Fresh © Sara Paxton


What impression are you giving people when viewing your art?

I want my paintings to create an emotional connection with the viewer. My work is often intensely colourful which I think makes people happy.

Can you explain your process of creation?

I start with a very rough sketch on the canvas using either paint an oil pigment stick just to give me some direction. I work very quickly with broad brush strokes to establish the basis of the painting. I then start building up the layers of colour but tend not to get caught up in detail. I often leave a painting and come back to it later to make changes or add glazes until I’m happy with it.

What inspires your artworks?

It can be many things – the way the light falls across a landscape, the softness of an evening sky, the brightness of a sunlit beach. But in the end the inspiration is colour. To me that’s the most important thing.


Mountain Storm Sara Paxton

Mountain Storm © Sara Paxton



I have been exhibiting as a professional artist since 2005. Normally I do 2-3 solo or shared exhibitions a year and these are with Australian galleries.

Have you sold art? How?

Yes, more than 700. This has been mainly through galleries.

How have you been promoting your art on the internet?

I have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Newsletter, Tumblr, Pinterest and partake in many art forums across the web.


Golden Cow Sara Paxton

Golden Cow © Sara Paxton



The Impressionists have been a major influence, especially Monet. I also love Fred Williams, particularly the work he did of the Pilbara region.


Is there another artist you would like to let us know about?

Brett Whitely. His work is inspirational especially his paintings of Sydney Harbour which have been described as ‘optical ecstasy’.They have a simplicity about them that is striking and colours that are vibrant.


State the most annoying thing someone has said to you regarding your art.

‘Can you paint me something to match my curtains’

Have you had any regrets in your art career?

I love what I do but sadly I think that society doesn’t value creativity and the contribution artists make. If you look back over past centuries it is art in its various forms that has endured.


Dusk Sara Paxton

Dusk © Sara Paxton


Any future plans?

I would like to continue to expand my creative ability and also exhibit overseas.

Advice for upcoming artists

Believe in yourself. And keep your day job.


Sara Paxton - Exciting Contemporary Colourist

Website: Sara Paxton Artworks | Twitter | Facebook


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