Art comes in various ways. It can either be through music, drawing, dance, sculpture, design, and photography or even in crafts and filmmaking. Collectively, this study is called visual arts or creating works that are primarily visual in nature.

Generation today are inclined into arts that it’s no wonder, a number of them decided to pursue higher learning related to it. If you’re interested in arts, this article will provide you with an overview on what to expect when pursuing Visual Arts Education.

visual arts education


Objectives of Visual Art Studies

  • Create your own Website!To understand and apply various techniques and processes

    Because of the variety of techniques, materials and processes available in creating an art work, students of visual arts must be able to familiarize themselves with these and use it in a safe and responsible manner.

  • To understand visual arts and relate it to history and culture

    The world is blessed with diverse culture and history. As a student of art, s/he should be able to familiarize and distinguish certain artworks that belong to a specific culture, time and place and at the same time, show how these works influenced the study of art. Further, s/he must be able to analyze and justify the relationship of an artwork in terms of history, culture and aesthetics.

  • To be able to use structures and functions in conveying ideas

    There are certain characteristics and purposes of art using various forms and structures that will help convey an idea. Also, a student should be able to integrate and understand visual, spatial and temporal concepts in relation to their works. Using these, s/he should be able to identify the differences among these concepts in order to fully express the subject matter and effectively convey its meaning.

  • To make connections between visual arts and other areas of study

    When a student studies art, it doesn’t mean that his or her learning should be confined with the art alone. Oftentimes, art can be related to various disciplines such as Humanities or other Social Science courses. As an arts student, s/he must be able to identify and relate the importance of art in various fields.


Field under Visual Arts studies

Visual arts can be divided into further studies which include:

  • Drawing or the creation of image using various tools and techniques;

  • Painting or the use of different tools in combination with drawings;

  • Printmaking or the transfer of images by means of ink;

  • Photography or taking of artistic pictures;

  • Filmmaking or the process of making a motion picture;

  • Computer art or creating images using computer software and rendering it through printing;

  • Sculpturing or creating something out of metal, glass or wood.



Although the number of credits and hours may vary, most universities that offer Visual Arts education follow a certain curriculum in educating their students. Core curriculum subjects such as English, History, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Science courses must be taken up. Visual arts students are also taught Art History, Visual Arts studies and fundamentals of art education.  

Possible Careers in Visual Arts

As a visual arts graduate, there are a lot of job opportunities waiting for you. You can be a graphic designer, an animator, special effects artist or web designer. You can also be an art consultant or art restorer in museums, photographer, cartoonist, printmaker, sculptor, painter, film or TV director, designer and school teacher among many others. (Editor: Read more about art business ideas)

So if you’re thinking of pursuing further studies in Visual Arts, then pursue your dream. There’s nothing wrong with going after what you’re passionate about.

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