seascape paintingsI have kind of a soft spot for seascapes – understandable, since I live on an island! I often paint them myself. Actually most of my artwork is somewhat inspired by the ocean surrounding this island of Newfoundland.

This post includes 10 seascape paintings from the artists who have been interviewed at Artpromotivate. This post is just one of a large series we are doing whereby the works of those artists are re-featured in categorized posts.


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10 Oil and Acrylic Seascape Paintings

  1. Jacky Murtaugh

    Jacky Murtaugh is a British artist currently residing in Adelaide, Australia. She loves to do colorful paintings of shorelines and piers. I love the vibrancy and color in her seascapes!

    off the reef jacky murtaugh

    “Water has a magnetic effect on me and is also an excellent vehicle for achieving distortions, mirroring images and transforming in part or the whole into a myriad of patterns, fragments and colours. I guess I’m a pattern addict.”

  2. Sea Dean

    Sea Dean has a passion for nature, shown by her beautiful renditions of landscapes, flowers and seascapes.

    Sea Dean
    “Sometimes I get a flash of inspiration and instantly sit down to capture it in paint. Often this is caused by a flash of light on a landscape or something beautiful I've seen on TV. More often I spend weeks or months planning a work or a series and sometimes go through many versions before I'm satisfied.”

  3. Warren Peterson

    Warren Peterson is from Ontario, Canada, and often paints landscapes and seascapes of the Canadian wilderness.

    windy day warren peterson

    ”I create art because of my love for the Earth and the joy that it brings to me and my collectors. It brings us back to nature and jogs our fond memories of the good times and places we have been and seen.”

  4. Heatherbell Barlow

    Heatherbell Barlow is from Devon, United Kingdom, and often paints skies, seascapes and landscapes.

    Heatherbell Barlow
    ”I love the whole notion of creating something unique and placing my own interpretation on a once visited landscape. I believe that a beautiful painting can transport you to another place: it can make a wonderful gift for all occasions. I am so inspired by the landscapes around me that I just want to capture something of their beauty on canvas.”

  5. Steven Linebaugh 

    Steven Gordon Linebaugh is an artist from Texas, USA. He considers himself a landscape artist, with a specialty of night scenes and seascapes.

    ”In the process of finding that look and feel I have explored with the idea of capturing realism and than twisting it just a bit - just enough to make the viewer feel not quite comfortable or having a question about the landscape that draws them in and they can make their own story from the process of bringing their own experiences to my paintings. I love the mysteriousness of nature and believe that is the idea of being uncomfortable; maybe the word haunted is a bit better.”

  6. Lisa Aerts

    Lisa Aerts is a landscape and seascape artist from Florida, USA, who paints in a variety of mediums - oils, water colors, acrylic, pastels, pencil and ink.

    Lisa Aerts
    ”I live near a lot of beaches, so water and sand play a large part in my thought process. I love animals, and I like to paint them with all their color and glory.”

  7. Shana Rowe

    Shana L Rowe is a Maine, USA artist, and in her own words, her “painting style would be considered painterly, a combination of realism and impressionistic, with a bit of whimsy.”

    Shana Rowe
    ”I jump around a lot, anything that inspires me at the time. I do a lot of happy sunny kind of themes, and like using a bright bold pallet. I like trying new subjects all the time, and challenging myself.”

  8. Janet Glatz

    Janet Glatz is a New England, USA realist artist who paints beautiful realistic images of wildlife, landscapes and seascapes.

    Janet Glatz
    ”Though I began using oils back in the 80's, I soon tired of the fumes and slow drying time and turned to acrylics. Over time I have developed my own style, which is predominantly natural realism, with touches of photorealism at times. I'm a fast painter who can finish a work in as little as a day. Love to paint sumptuously colored skies, waters, and wildlife. Famous lighthouses have been some of my best sellers.”

  9. Stephanie Holznecht

    Stephanie Holznecht is a British born artist currently living in mid-western USA, who mainly focuses her artistic energy on mixed media collages and acrylic paintings.

    Stephanie Holznecht
    ”I have been an artist ever since I could pick up a crayon or a pencil, and start drawing. I could copy any photograph or drawing almost exactly as it was depicted by the age of 10.

    I would say both my English upbringing and my American life have each had their own influence on my artwork.”

  10. Tina Townsend

    Tina Townsend is an artist from Langley, B.C. Canada who uses watercolor, acrylics and oils to create colorful depictions of the landscape and seascape.

    Tina Townsend
    ”With my coloured pieces I want people to feel the flow and intensity that nature has all around us. I want people to feel a connection with the moment but able to know you can look outside the box.”

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  1. Thank you for featuring my seascape Graham. I'm honoured to be included with such an illustrious group.
    For those who wish to see more of my work, some of my links have changed. Here are the correct ones.

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    1. Thanks Sea Dean.. I just updated those links for you! :)

    2. I'll update the photos in a bit...

  2. Thank you for featuring my seascape Graham. I'm honoured to be included with such an illustrious group.
    For those who wish to see more of my work, some of my links have changed. Here are the correct ones.

    Blog -
    Gallery and Auctions -
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