free coa printable templatesA certificate of authentication for artists is used to show that an artwork is original and authentic, and created by the artist. Having one signed by the artist and included with a sold piece would give buyers confidence in the artist’s work.

Some buyers follow and buy from artists not only because they love the work, but also because they are hoping the piece will increase in value.

A certificate of authenticity will be a document to show if the collector ever chooses to resell a piece or get it appraised.


In my searches online, I have discovered many websites which offer free and paid downloadable or printable certificate of authenticity templates (COA) . In order to make it easy for you, I have included the best ones in this post, and also comment about each one.

I searched through scores of websites to create this list. If there is a website missing here containing a free COA certificate, or you have one to offer for free download, please leave a comment at the end of this post.

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How to Make a Certificate of Authenticity


My Certificate Templates - FREE

coa templateI could only find one template at this site, but its possible to edit other templates to transform them into a COA.

The good news is that the COA template is free, downloadable and printable.

This one is available in PDF and DOC formats.

Visit the website here.



Certificate Street - FREE

Certificate Street has a huge collection of free editable templates. It is important to note that these templates include a watermark in the bottom corner. Also, Adobe 8.0 is required for viewing.


Authenticity Guarantee - FREE

authenticity guaranteeThis is a free authenticity template provided by

This one can be edited, since a DOC format (Word) is provided.

Click the “Click Here” link to download the Word format.




Free Printable Certificates

This site offers 1100 free certificates in all sorts of categories. All I could see was 3-4 certificate of authentication templates. To download, click on the link beneath the thumbnail image. Here you can download the PDF version for free. The PDF cannot be edited, by the way. The DOC version can, but will cost $5. Visit Free Printable certificates here.

certificate of authentication templates



Docstoc is a website containing all sorts of documents. To find certificates of authentication, first signup and fill out your profile. From there, search for “certificate of authenticity” in the top search bar. This will bring you to a page with multiple certificates. There is lots to choose from here.

It is important to note that downloading and printing certificates from Docstoc is not free, but based on a monthly membership. But, if you find some certificates you like, why not join for a month and download whatever you need.


Certificate of Authenticity Templates

certificate of offers 3 attractive templates, all of them costing $8.

See them at this page.

These measure 8 1/2 x 11 inches, and are in the doc format, suitable for use with Microsoft Word.

They also are fully editable and can be used as many times as you want!



Creating your own Certificate of Authenticity?

certificate of authenticity sampleIf you are looking to create your own COA, check out these websites for inspiration.


Wetcanvas – Some members of Wetcanvas have graciously posted their COA certificates:

How to Create a Certificate of Authenticity
Looking for Certificate of Authenticity Template


Here are more great templates you may want to take a look at:

Certificate of Authenticity Sample
Walton Mendelson
Example COA


As I mentioned earlier, if you have a COA template you would like to share with us, please mention it in the comments. Also, let us know if we missed any free certificate of authentication resources.


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    Velvet Tetrault

    1. Hi Velvet... thanks for informing me. Which one? The first one, or third?

    2. I also just tried to get the free COA and I had to install the Genieo app. The installation says it was completed but the app won't all.... and there's no error just sits there.

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