artist block inspirationWe’ve all experienced it, and we all dread it— the horrible “artist block”. This is what happens when we can’t get the motivation to create some type of art. Either we don’t believe in ourselves anymore, or we just can’t find any sort of inspiration. In any type of case, having this artist block can be frustrating and tiring — you feel the wanting of creating your art, but no sort of stimulation or imagination to get you there. Don’t you fret; I have some quick and easy ideas to get your brain flowing, and to break out of this rut.

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First, let’s establish one thing. You are an artist! You are a painter, a sculptor, designer— an overall creative genius! Everyone goes through this rut, and you’re not the only one.

Before you begin again, you need to take some pressure off of yourself. Sure, you’re the worst critic for your paintings, but you don’t have to be so mean to yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Learn. Grow.

This is all a part of the process of being the best artist you can be.

So breathe, and just create.

Now, for some ideas.



Listen to music, or watch a movie that always makes you feel better

music inspirationHave this on the background every time you try and create something.

This will condition your brain to want to create something each time you hear the music, or the movie, that you’ve been using.

The music and the movie both stimulate your reflexes to want to create, and also help produce imaginative and creative ideas that you may not have thought before.


Go somewhere new

child on beachEven if it’s just a grocery store you’ve never been to— this is still something new.

It will help create some new ideas for you. Look at the scenery, the people, what is being discussed and what the overall feeling is wherever you are at.

Always bring a sketch pad or a camera.

You never know when you’ll get the urge to start creating!


Change the type of form you’re using

finger paintingIf you’re always drawing with pencil, try paint!

If you’re taking pictures with the same effects, try something new!

Changing up the way you create your art can really get your brain going on new and different ideas that you may have not thought possible before.



Set up goals

set up goalsGive yourself a number of things you wish to create within a given month, or maybe just a certain amount of hours to work on a project.

Keep small at first, and be realistic.

Having a goal to focus on can keep you determined.




Look at your previous work

artist block helpNow I know this may seem defeating at first, but come on! You were inspired once, you can be inspired again! Remember what made you want to create that last project before, and what was going on in that time of your life. Spark some past memories!


These quick tips can get your mind to go out of the box. Just remind yourself to be patient, and be confident. Not trying something because you already believe it’s going to look horrible is the number one reason for artist block.

Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Believe in yourself, and try whatever comes to your mind. Just be, and create.

It’ll all come together.

Edward Stuart writes and studies the topics of art, design and home décor. He currently writes for the onlineframed art print seller Framed Art.


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