Jody Smith

To be an artist is to believe in life”- Henry Moore

United States

Mediums: Pastel, oils, mixed media

Style: impressionistic


beach wave painting


Being an artist has been a life long journey; I will always create, improve my talent and work on taking my art to the next step. My art is loose in style or impressionistic, I paint things that inspire me and challenge me.


When was your first experience creating?

My first experience was in 1st grade, I drew a lamb and my teacher and classmates thought I was good at drawing.


While painting, what music do you like to have playing?

Mostly contemporary music and some rock and roll


What impression would you like people to have when seeing your art for the first time?

Beauty, emotion and a view of seeing something we often miss that is beautiful or interesting.


Can you explain your painting process?

  1. I get an idea, find a scene or subject that moves me, I sketch or take a picture.

  2. I decide what’s my visual concept in how I want the painting to look

  3. I sometimes do a notion design for darks and lights

  4. I do a small version to indicate colors

  5. Start with a under painting or drawing and continue doing layers large to small


jody smith artist


What are your inspirations?

Everything around me inspires me to create. Mostly I get excited about a beautiful landscape scene, or people doing everyday things.



I have done a few art fairs locally. I have some works in a local gallery.


Have you been selling your artworks?

Yes, I have sold to some friends, a few on line on Etsy and a couple of commissioned pieces recently.


jody smith bottles still life

What have you been doing to promote art on the internet?

I promote my art on FB page. I have an Etsy account and a blog page. And I recently started with Fine Art America.







Do you have influences?

I have always like Monet’s paintings. I am influenced by many current artists who can show beauty, light and emotion in their paintings.


Can you tell us about another artist you admire?

Amanda Houston is a local artist , she is a excellent pastel artist. Also Karen Margulus, I love her pastel paintings.


Can you say something interesting about your life experience?

I’m a mother of 5 four girls and a boy. Grandmother now of 6. I have instilled being creative to my children and they are all artists in their own ways. I encourage my grandchildren to draw, paint and color, I hope they have some of my creative genes.


Has something someone said to you about your art ever annoyed you?

I haven’t gotten too much of that. But I don’t like it when people suggest I just paint certain things so people will buy my paintings. If I’m not interested in painting something I usually don’t want to paint it.


Do you regret anything about your life as an artist?

Not really, I have always enjoyed and tried to do some kind of art all my life. I can know devote more time to my art which makes me happy.


trail painting


What do you look forward to for your art career?

Just keep creating, and work more on marketing my art. I would like to do more commissioned paintings.


Would you like to share some wise advice for emerging artists?

Just keep working at your art. You will get better the more you practice. Don’t ever give up on your art, even if you can only do a little bit here and there. Also learn from other artists by taking a class or learning new techniques.


Jody Smith – “To be an artist is to believe in life” – Henry Moore

United States

Website: Jody Art | Blog | Twitter | Facebook page

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