Susan Prinz

United States

Mediums: acrylic, mixed media, pastel oils

Style: abstract


sailboat with dolphins

Whimsical Sail Boat © Susan Prinz Acrylic Painting on Canvas

This is a new painting I just completed that is part of a series of whimsical boats at sea.  The first one I did was of a whimsical clipper ship at sea with dolphins. 

I don’t know if people are art lovers or not, but I really try to convey a much deeper meaning to my work.  Artists really express who and what they are through their art and what is going on in their lives at the time.  I personally find that to be true for myself and what I am expressing at the moment.


Susan Prinz CreationThe reason I am doing these paintings at sea is to give anyone looking at them the sense of freedom, like the feeling you have if you have ever been at sea on a large sail boat or clipper ship.  It is just you, the water and maybe some sea life or birds; and the beautiful sea breeze can be intoxicating. 


The message that I would like to convey to others is that even if you think you are not creative, in reality, all we really are is creative beings. 


Now our form of creativity is expressed in different ways because we are all individuals with different talents and likes and dislikes.


Creation © Susan Prinz Acrylic Painting on Canvas


So the key in life is not to worry about the other guy but instead focus on yourself and your natural talents and abilities.  Contemplate what comes easy and effortless to you and pursue what you love and are good at.  What happens sometimes is that the things we love and have a passion about we overlook because we don’t have to struggle to accomplish.


Magical Susan PrinzCreativity is just there in our imagination and that is what is overlooked because we have this false idea that we must struggle in order to accomplish our goals. 

That could not be further from the truth. 

I know people who have extraordinary God-given talent in an area and yet they do not pursue that talent professionally because they, at one point in their lives, were told by another not to go down that road as a career.  They fell into the power of suggestion by others and abandoned their own truth to live out some other person’s idea of what they should do and that is a very sad reality that a lot of people are living out in our society today.



Magical 1 © Susan Prinz Acrylic Painting on Canvas



You will never work a day in your life if you follow your passion because that is what comes naturally, just like breathing, and you would never claim you were working when you breathe.  The same place your subconscious ability to breath comes from is the same place your unique talents came from, so don’t overlook what is natural and effortless.  My art is my imagination at work.


Susan Prinz DestinyAnd the question is are we using it in our lives or are we wasting the most precious gift we have by ignoring the limitless potential we all possess in our imagination, which is the only redemptive power we have?

Your mind is your canvas. When was the last time you sat quietly by yourself and thought of what you would like in your life and meditated on what you would like to bring into your life right now?  Most of us don’t make a habit of taking time out for ourselves and imagining, and contemplating what would really make us happy in our lives.  I am here to tell you that by recreating in your mind how you would like your life to be you have redemptive power.



Destiny © Susan Prinz Acrylic Painting on Canvas



If you recreate in your mind the reality you desire, and contemplate it from a belief that it already exists in your life, and hold steadfast to that belief, it will appear.  Don’t worry how it will happen, but just know it will, and come from the belief that it already has.



You and your beliefs are your own self fulfilling prophecy.  So I would ask; what do you have to lose but the manifestation of your dreams if you don’t put this most wonderful gift to work for yourself? 

Susan PrinzSo go create, just like I have this whimsical ship, the wonderful life you want today. Make use of your imagination and live a life of happiness because it is there for you to claim.

So go now and create your dream life for yourself because you deserve it and can accomplish anything in life you wish.


Thank-you Susan!

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