art blog hopAn art blog hop is a great way to find inspiration, and connect with artists around the world. I’ve seen other blog hops at other blogs and I thought it would be a good idea to try this at Artpromotivate.

This will be yet another way for artists to promote their work for free at Artpromotivate!

First of all, here is our blog hop badge. Please consider posting this at your blogs and websites, so other artists can find out about this.

Website and blog code for blog-hop badge:

(UPDATED CODE! It's working fine now!)

<a href='' target='_blank' title='Art Blogs'><img src='' alt='Art Blogs'></a>

This post contains instructions for entering our ART BLOG HOP.

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This is how our artist BlogHop will work:

  1. Send us a small square badge and blog link. This badge will be posted here and link directly to the blog or website.

  2. The image should be 125px by 125px and cropped if necessary.

  3. Write a short sentence to place below the image. This should include your name, country, and painting style. If the image represents one of your artworks, you can include the artwork title. For example: Graham Matthews, Newfoundland, Canada – Abstract Realism Paintings

  4. To be included, you must share our blog hop banner (above) in a blog post or somewhere in your website. Please include the link where it is posted.

  5. All participants are encouraged to visit each art blog and leave a comment. A Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter share would be fine as well.

    When leaving a comment, there are some general rules of etiquette to follow.

    >> Don’t spam them! (I’m sure you know this but I thought I should mention it anyway)
    >> Please don’t leave a link and ask the blogger to follow you. There is often a place to insert a link if you feel the need. An intelligent well thought out comment works much better!

  6. Try to visit all blogs. You don’t have to do it all at once. Blog hopping takes time. When this list grows large, it may be difficult to do so in one sitting.

  7. Visit this page regularly to see newly added blogs and websites, and find inspiration and new connections.

  8. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on your blog or website so others can follow you easily.


Instructions for submitting to APM Blog Hop

  • Open up a new email, and in the subject area write “APM blog hop

  • artpromotivate emailAddress the email to artpromotivate at gmail dot com

  • In the email body, include your name, art blog or website link, and a short sentence about your art as described above. (The website link should be an art blog, but in some cases, portfolio websites may be accepted)

  • Attach a small banner or badge, with the dimensions 125px by 125px. If you are not familiar with image resizing and cropping, I can do this for you. Just send me an image of one of your artworks, and I will crop and resize for you, displaying a detail of the painting. You can also crop the image yourself by using

  • Please include the link where the banner is posted.


List of Art Blogs

(All blog badges will be listed below – in order of submission)


Whitney Fawn
Whitney Fawn - Cape Breton, Canada - Abstract line art ink drawing "Soulprints"
Lauren Curtis
Lauren Curtis - NJ, USA, Eclectic Visual Artist - Image: "Flora Meets Aradia"
BJ Tuininga
BJ Tuininga - NY, USA, Eclectic Visual Artist, Image: Window with a View
Laura Lein-Svencner
Laura Lein-Svencner - Darien IL Heat fused collage, Image: "As a Crow Flies"
Aaron Nosheny
Aaron Nosheny - Tucson, Arizona, USA, Hand-built Pottery and Sculptural Ceramics


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