world without artistsImagine if the world did not have artists. What do you think it would be like? Such works as the Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Monet’s Water lilies and Van Gogh’s Starry Night would not exist. There would be no art galleries or museums to hold works of art of the past. Forms of artistic expression would not exist. Life would certainly be pretty boring without us artists, wouldn’t it?

Artists have moulded our society. We have changed cultures and even shaped history. Art has had an influence on industries, politics and business – and every aspect of modern life.


But, as you know, the effect of artists reaches much further than just the fine arts. Fine arts includes visual arts, music, theater, writing, architecture, dance, poetry, etc.

Art has an effect on all forms of creative expression and design.


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This includes movies, television, books, magazines, video games, furniture, product labelling, car manufacturing, hair styling, fashion, tattooing and just about everything one can imagine. Artists are needed nearly everywhere.

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Living on the earth would be a plain, boring existence without artists.

Personally, I don’t think I could live without art. Art for myself has been a form of expression and release of emotions. It is what I am inspired by and write about every day. Everything I do involves art in some way.

What about you? How would you answer this question?

What would the world be like without artists? Could it even exist?


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The world without artists would be like this empty box. - Martha Harrell

"I just had this thought..a while ago.....luckily? I'm one of the artists trying to hang in the riddle of maneuvering world out there." - Asyla Ten Holt

Certainly very dull! - Maurice Van der Speeten

I don't see how there could possibly be a world that included humans and not have art...  The formation and evolution of the human psyche would never have occurred without imagining.... and creating = ART.  Art is an inescapable part of who we are and how we interpret our world and explore possibilities.   ART IS INEVITABLE. 

Here is a link to a slideshow featuring an artwork titled, "Seasons of the Soul".  It originated as doodles in a sketch pad and it wasn't until some time later that I realized the stick figure doodles were telling a story....  As it turns out, a very universal story.  Since Seasons of the Soul was published as a lithograph in the early 90s, thousands have connected with it and shared it with others.  I can't help but wonder if it didn't just bubble up from the depths of the collective unconsciousness... through me.  Perhaps the figures were originally drawn on a cave wall somewhere in time. - Stephanie E. Robinson

"I think it would be boring, plain, unattractive and unimaginative. Our homes would be stark, bare, the same as everybody else... The walls and tables would be empty, the dishware would be plain, there would be clear glass instead of stained or cut glass. Uck! Thank goodness for art and artists! We need to appreciate artists more. - Rose Stites

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  1. Surely that would mean we do not exist; as art is the definition of 'human being'. The cave paintings were the evidence of a creature with self awareness. Art continues to be the reflection of the human condition. Art: a continuing threat (or tool...?) to powers who wish to control, restrict and manipulate thought. The ultimate free spirit.

  2. A world without art: Surely this would mean that 'human' ceases to exist. Cave paintings defined the human being as being self aware. Art continues to be a reflection on the human condition in it's whole spectrum. Art continues to be a threat (or tool...?) to powers wishing to control, manipulate and restrict thought. Art is the ultimate freedom in it's endless variety. Art is inseparable from consciousness and equally elusive in it's definition.


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