artist spotlight The artist spotlight has been wildly successful at Artpromotivate, with about 190 artists being featured in the past year, and many of those appearing in other articles. We look forward to interviewing and promoting many more artists in the coming months.

Find the complete details of the artist spotlight here: Artist Interview Questions

Also, read all about another easier option for artists to be promoted below.

There are many benefits to being featured here. These have been talked about before, but I will mention them here once more.


  1. Your art appears in front of a huge audience of more than 1700 blog subscribers. In addition, all spotlights are shared to our profiles at Facebook (4066+), Twitter (4267+), Google+ (6544+), Pinterest (743+) and Linkedin (610+). Also, all spotlights are shared at Digg, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Technorati and more.

  2. Your spotlight will be here permanently, and will never be removed, unless you ask us to. As this blog and followers are consistently growing, one free spotlight here could benefit you for months, and even years.

  3. There may be times when we will include your art in other articles, such as this one: Surreal Paintings Each time, the artist’s name appears beside the artwork, and a link to the artist spotlight is included.

  4. We have reports of some artists receiving art sales as a direct result of them appearing at Artpromotivate. Although we make no claims that appearing here will help you gain sales, if it happened before – it can certainly happen again.

  5. You can link to the article in the Press section of your website. This page includes a list of outside sources where your art has been published, such as newspapers, magazines and blogs. The art of an artist who is well documented in the media tends to have a higher value in the eyes of some collectors.


Why do we promote artists? Is there a catch?

There is no catch at all. This service is completely free. Honestly, it has been a joy to promote artists here and read all your inspiring stories. The amazing feedback I’ve received for the artist spotlight has been inspirational and very motivating. I am an artist as well, and can relate to all the struggles that we go through. Read some of my story at this page: About Artpromotivate

For as long as this site exists, inspiring, promoting and motivating artists will be top priority. That’s a promise!


A NEW Easier Way to Submit your Art

In addition to the regular Artist Spotlight, we are now offering another easier way for artists to submit art to us. The purpose of this is to feature more artists in Youtube videos and Artpromotivate articles, and at our sister blog Designpromotivate. (your art will never be shared anywhere else without permission)

Read all the exciting details.

  • Open up a new email message. In the subject, write “Artist Spotlight” followed by your name.

  • Please give a short summary about your artistic background and art.

  • Attach any number of artworks, no minimum or maximum. (preferably 10) (max size 200 kb)

  • Title the image files in this way: “your-name-title”

  • Give a short blurb about each artwork. Try to structure it in this way:

    ”Title of artwork, Medium, Your name” and other details about the artwork.

  • Include a link to your artist website and Facebook page (if you have one).

  • Send this to

  • If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to comment below, or contact via the contact form in the bottom sidebar.

When you are featured, you will be contacted. If you would like to know right away, please subscribe.

There is nothing that would make me happier than seeing your art submissions appearing in my inbox. So, get those submissions in now - to take advantage of this incredible free opportunity.

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