Ksusha Scott


Mediums: Oil and acrylic

Style: Painting

Favorite Quote: “THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO FIND YOUR GIFT. The purpose of life is to give it away”


road to serenity


My name is Ksusha Scott. I was born in Russia and migrated to United States at the age of 19. Art was always not even a part of my life but more like part of me. While attending music school I was always looking for more ways to express myself and started to paint. I attended art school in Russia for 4 years. But no school can give you a such experience of emotions for paintings as life itself can.

Can you remember your first time creating?

By listening to music I was always thinking how I can express through brush what I was hearing and feeling. I started to paint when I was 7. I was pretending I'm one of famous Russian artists and painted ocean by spraying paint all over in our little flat back in Russia. I was feeling very passionate and creative. My mother not so much by cleaning whole mess.


Do you have any favorite music you like listening to when creating art?

Enigma is my favorite music band. When I listen to something more dreamy its makes my imagination works better.


Sunset Chardonnay  


Do you have any employment besides being an artist?

Besides doing art and related art projects I'm a full time mom. I have a 2 wonderful boys age of 6 and 1. My life is very busy and rewarding.


Is there a message you are implying through your art?

Art can open eyes to many things in life. Besides enjoy full spectrum of colors and objects I would like to believe my art have philosophical side of it. Some of my paintings may seem funny, but there is deeper story there. Some painting look dreamy, but there is sadness. Some paintings look almost scary, but behind it there is pain. I would like to viewer to look deeper than what seems.


Creative Process

I never know when of from where inspiration will come from. Most of the time it's everyday everyday objects that I attach people's personal feelings and problems. Sometimes paintings take shortest amount of time,sometimes it's matter of weeks, months even years. When piece is complete I feel emotional satisfaction of creating something, even if it may not be my best work. 


Champagne maker



It's all about feelings. Different people feel differently about what makes them happy. And to me it's art itself. I find inspiration in music and seeing new places, traveling, meeting people with different lives and just every day life



Lawrence gallery,festivals and art walks


How many artworks have you sold?

I've sold about 100 paintings. Through different sources.


How have you been promoting art online?

I belong to couple online galleries like Fine Art America, Artrepeneur, emergingartists.com and RedBubble


Evil drink



I've been strongly influenced by old Russian painters like Aivazovskiy and Shishkin. But also Dali. I admire modern time artists such as Kush and Batirskiy, Gonzalves and many more.


Can you let us know something interesting about yourself?

When I lived in Russia I went to music school and was violin major. My teachers thought I was incredibly talented in playing violin, that it should be my career. By age of 11 I had my own concerts in that very school and performing around town. It's came really easy to me, music just float through me. Only when I would come home all I wanted to do is paint...


Russian tea time with samovar


Any embarrassing moments in your life?

I think everyone does. From little to major I do as well. Mostly it was in school when I was about 12 (when you most sensitive as well) I didn't get along with a group of popular girls and they made sure that I have embarrassing moment every single day. It was tough year, but I got stronger emotionally after long time of bulling I put stop to it.


If you had a chance to live your life again, would there be anything you would do different?

Absolutely not. My past made me who I am today. And I wouldn't want to be anything different.


Future plans

Ksusha ScottI have big plans for my future and there is no stopping at this point. I have a great amount of ideas that can't be ignored. There is exiting world of Art and I want to be a part of it!


Advice for other artists

Work Work Work and then when you ready to show the world what you can do. Go and inspire others.


Emotional cocktails - Fantasy Still Life by Ksusha Scott


Website: Ksusha Scott | Artist.cm | Facebook

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