Birds have historically been a popular subject in fine art. In Renaissance and Gothic art, birds were used as visual symbolism, and often had religious meaning depending on the species. Today, artists often use birds to represent freedom.

Today we feature 10 paintings of birds, from artists who were interviewed for our artist spotlight.

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  1. Vera Cauwenberghs

    bird painting
    “The artist VLPC is a Belgian (Flemish) professional painter who emphasizes the positive side of life in an energetic and colorful way. She leads you into the magic of our daily existence and shows a reality of staggering beauty.”

  2. Genevieve Esson

    Bird Song genevieve esson
    “My artwork is inspired by the natural world, words, music, colors, shapes, mystery, dreams, line, the 80's retro art movement, medieval tapestries and illuminated manuscripts.This all includes: Nature, animals, music, people, art, dreams, movement, the wind, clouds, the moon, sea, trees, beauty, sounds, shapes, texture. Lots of different things.”

  3. Sam Randall

     bird painting
    “When it comes to art, I am very methodical and ritualistic in my processes. I deliberately do this to minimize demotivation. I take time to think about my project (conceptualizing, research, sketching, and painting) so typically something will pop up as what I should be working on and this holds my focus. Some days I don’t paint and will sketch, or do research and sometimes even just daydream ideas. If all that fails I take a day off. I don’t force it. But I am always thinking about creating. If I don’t paint every few days I go seriously mental so inspiration tends to comes back.”

  4. Tracey Snyman

    acacia pied barbet bird
    “To capture the beauty of the world and share it with others. It's also a way for me to pay respect to the natural world that I love so much. In a way, I'm hoping to show others what exactly it is that I see, and show them how exquisite nature really is in all her forms!”

  5. Sadie Jane

    optimistic puppet

    “Have you ever felt wet paint against canvas? Dry canvas, wet canvas, paper, rocks, it doesn't matter. That sensation awakens my soul and it is one of those experiences where I truly feel alive! I get these incredible bursts of creative energy where nothing else but creating art will satisfy it. It makes me happy, and at the end of the day that's all that really matters right?”

  6. Cathy McClelland

    shes mine birds
    “I paint in acrylic/mixed media in a contemporary realist style. Some paintings can take months to create in the studio but I also love painting plein air to capture what that special fleeting moment.”

  7. Bhagvati Nath

    wise owl painting
    “I have been an artist all my life. I create my art, so my life has been created. Everything can and should be an art - being a parent and partner, cooking, dressing, writing, collecting wood, gardening, making a home, dancing, teaching, sewing.. my personal list goes on but everything I have done I have done I have put my heart and soul into, and it has become a work of art.”

  8. Janet Glatz

    geese painting
    “Though I began using oils back in the 80's, I soon tired of the fumes and slow drying time and turned to acrylics. Over time I have developed my own style, which is predominantly natural realism, with touches of photorealism at times. I'm a fast painter who can finish a work in as little as a day. Love to paint sumptuously colored skies, waters, and wildlife. Famous lighthouses have been some of my best sellers.”

  9. Robin Wiesneth

    kingfisher and the frog 
    “I combine ordinary things in my artwork that you might not ordinarily see together. At first glance it's a portrait but then one sees things that don't quite add up, causing a pause and hopefully a smile.”

  10. Velvet Tetrault

    Wren bird painting
    “I was so inspired by a field book of birds that I forged a deal with the photographer to paint his birds. From there, I started studying birds in flight and have been focusing more of my bird paintings on flight.”

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  3. Thank you so much for including my bird painting in this post!
    Sadie Jane

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