art inspiration boards If you are ever stuck for inspiration, I highly recommend hopping on over to Pinterest and following some great inspiration boards. Pinterest is filled with them, so much so that it may be difficult to find good ones to follow. So that you do not have to wade through all those pages yourself, I have complied a list of some of the best boards at Pinterest for art inspiration.

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  1. Follow Artpromotivate at Pinterest

    artpromotivate pinterest
    Artpromotivate has many Pinterest boards filled with the art of artists, and links to art promotion articles. Use the above link to follow what we pin and repin at Pinterest.

  2. Art and Inspiration

    art and inspiration
    Art and Inspiration is a great board for artistic inspiration, curated by Julie Matthews Martin. It has a variety of watercolors, portraits, illustrations, drawings and more.

  3. Illustration - Great Works

    illustration great works
    Illustration Great Works is a Pinterest board from Behance, the popular portfolio service for designers, artists, photographers and illustrators.

  4. Artwork and Illustrations

    artwork illustrations
    Maia McDonald created this amazing collection of art and illustration pins. The board has an impressive 1409 pins and 1,615,810 followers!

  5. Art

    pinterest art
    Art by Jordan Ferney has 107 pins and 626,889 followers, and has a vast variety of paintings and sculpture.

  6. Art Illustration

    portrait illustration
    Art Illustration mostly focuses on portraiture using a variety of techniques.

  7. Painting

    painting pinterest
    The painting board by Kristbjorg Olsen has mainly contemporary paintings, in a range of styles. The Pinterest board has 885 pins and 10,413 followers.

  8. Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

    inspiration quotes 
    Created by Patty Hensley, and filled with inspirational quotes, she says “These words inspire me to strive for kinder, crazier, more courageous and higher quality actions.”

  9. Illustration

    illustration board
    Illustration is an inspiring board by Nick Karn, and has many pins on illustration, pop art, posters and comic art.

  10. Inspiration Video

    inspiration videos

    Inspiration Video is a video inspiration board compiled by Jennifer Chong with only 15 pins and over 2 million followers.

  11. Inspiration

    pinterest inspiration boards
    Inspiration by Jane Wang has a modest 133 Pins, but over 670,000 followers. Her Pinterest profile has a very impressive 8 million+ followers! Pins cover a wide range of topics, including quotes, video and inspiring photographs.

  12. Ideas

    pintest ideas board
    Another inspirational Pinterest board by Jane Wang, “ideas is about a need to imagine, create and explore.” This board currently has 246 pins and 2,321,367 followers!

  13. Inspire me to Inspire you

    pinterest quotes board
    If you love inspirational quotes, then this may just be the Pinterest board for you. This board by Autumn Spicer has 429 inspirational pins and 3996 followers.

  14. The Artist

    artist pinterest
    ”Inspiring artwork, dream workspaces, and beautiful tools. ~Oh, and artsy threads too. ;)” The Artist has a combination of artwork and inspirational quotes.

  15. Fine Art

    fine art pinterest
    ”Paint, print, sculpt, digitize, project, install, photograph - not drawing” This board has 1236 pins and 644,051 followers!


Do you know of an awesome Pinterest board which you think should have been included in this list? If you do, please tell us about it below.

Thank-you for reading and have a wonderful, inspired day!

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