The Bio and Contact pages are two essential pages of portfolio websites. The Bio (artist statement or biography) is the place for visitors to read about the person behind the art. It can include accomplishments, exhibitions and other background information.

bio and contact page The Bio page also often includes a photo of the artist at work and/or one or two artworks.

The Contact page often has necessary information to contact the artist directly, such as email, telephone number (optional), social profiles and more. Ideally, a contact page should have at the very minimum a contact form and instructions for those viewing.

In previous articles in this series, we covered the setup of pages, creating a slideshow, and adding images to the portfolio page. Find these posts here:

  1. Basic Setup of a Portfolio
  2. Create a Slideshow on the Home Page
  3. Creating a Gallery Page with Thumbnails

In this tutorial, we continue this series, showing you how to create a Bio and Contact page for a portfolio website using Webydo.

Creating a Bio and Contact Page

  1. Open up your Webydo website, click Pages at the top, then click both Bio and Contact to have these pages easily accessible.

  2. Creating a Bio Page

    First, go to the Bio page. If you have been following along with previous posts in this series, this page should be very straight forward. Add a title and text here.

    For some ideas on what to place in the bio section, please visit this post: How to Create a Biography for an Artist Website This post covers some great tips, such as being approachable, telling your story, keeping the page short and to the point, and more. For the image boxes, either insert a photo of yourself, or artworks… or both.

    image position Please read the previous tutorial for details on adding the image: Creating a Gallery Page

    Click on the image box and upload a photo of yourself or artwork. With the image selected, enter 300 px for the width at the top, then click the lock icon. Choose Fit to width under the Fitting options in the properties menu (to the right).

    link to menuTo finish up, deselect Text Caption at the top, and choose Pop-up in the Link to menu.

    My completed artist statement/ bio page is below.

    artist statement

    As you can see, I deleted the title, bottom text and image boxes. Then I selected everything, right-clicked and chose Group in the menu. Then, I dragged the group upward, to decrease the space left by the deleted title.

  3. web form Creating a Contact Page

    Click the edge of the web form so that a box appears around it as in the image at the right.

    In the Form options (Properties panel), first enter your email. This is the email where messages will be received from your form.

    Edit the confirmation page options, which is the message that appears after someone uses the form to send a message. You can either leave this at the default (message on page) or redirect to a link.

    contact form Message on Page - For the Message on Page option, click “Edit Message on Page”. The default message appears in the web form in the CMS. Edit this if you like, then hit the Return to Form button.

    Redirect to Link - For Redirect to Link, either choose a page at your site or an external link with a confirmation message.

    If you need additional help with using forms in Webydo, go to Help – Video Tutorials and watch the helpful tutorial video about using forms.

  4. The next step for this page is to edit the title and text areas. For the text, write brief instructions for people who use your web form. For some tips for doing that, visit this post: What to Include in a Contact Page 

    Try to include a variety of contact methods. The contact page is also a good place to include other social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. See my completed Contact Page below.

    contact page


That’s all for this tutorial. In future posts, I will cover simple things to make your Webydo art portfolio complete – creating menus, adding a logo, social networking buttons and more.

Thank-you for reading and feel free to direct any questions in the comments, or the contact form below.

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