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Art Career Building is a new service for artists, and happens to be a partner of Jester Jacques Art - who have kindly recommended many of our posts and posted about Artpromotivate occasionally. Recently, they asked us to write about their marketing strategy and art agent service for artists, and we of course obliged.

Incidentally, if you know of a great service which would be particularly useful for artists, please let us know about it. If we think the same, we may write about it here so our readers can know about it.

According to their website, Art Career Building offers personalized and affordable services for artists.

With a marketing strategy and a plan, you can develop your art identity and build your audience. Keep in touch, build interest, and still spend most of your time in your studio. Have ready buyers when your art is ready to exhibit.

Services include:

  • Creating an art marketing strategy personalized for you (including social media).
  • They will function as an art agent, helping you get connections with art fairs and galleries.
  • They will guide you to finding an international audience, relevant to your art.
  • Upcoming: Rate card and demographics for prices and artist PR services.
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As already mentioned, Art Career Building is a partner of our good friend Jester Jacques Art, who has written some inspirational posts for us:

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The Art Career Building blog is filled with many helpful and informative articles for artists. Posts include Tips for Writing a Good Artist Bio, How to Start an Art Collective, Tips to Sell Your Art Online, How to Run a Successful Newsletter and much more. They share their unique perspective and advice on these useful topics.

With posts like these, and their eagerness to share knowledge, I’m sure Art Career Building will be very successful, and we wish them the best with their new service.

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