Deirdre Freeman

Alameda, CA USA

Mediums: acrylics, mixed media

Style: inspirational

Favorite Quote: “That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”


Deirdre Freeman art


I am a stay at home mother of two small children, and a bipolar woman. I have been an artist in my heart for my lifetime, but only began creating about two years ago, I am on a constant, self-taught learning curve. I create art to release, relax, and make people happy, and I cannot imagine not doing it. It's like oxygen to me. People ask me how I can create things with my two little children, and I tell them that I find time somehow because I have to.

Can you say something about your first experience with art?

One of my first paintings was a portrait of a girl holding a tuba when I was nine years old. She hung in a museum for a month or so, and then my dad bought her from me for ten dollars. During a manic episode, within which I was convinced I was going to be famous, I retrieved her from my dad. She is now in my basement because our wall space is dedicated to my more recent art.


Deirdre Freeman birds


Do you listen to music while creating?

I go back to the 80's sometimes, sometimes Enya, sometimes Nickel Creek, or the Beatles.


Are you employed other than being an artist?

I am a Speech Language Pathologist, but have been off work raising my boy and girl for the past five years.


What are you are trying to convey to others through your artworks?

I try to convey the joy that is in my heart. I have personally lived through some very difficult times, but I do seem to be able to create beauty and vibrancy, art that speaks of life, not the dark side. I consider my art to be inspirational and have been told that it affects people that way.


Deirdre Freeman tree


Creative process

Most artists have an idea what the art piece is going to be before they start. I let flow take over and decide what it evolves into, instead.



Other artists inspire me greatly. My children. Nature. Life and all of its pains. My challenging past experiences.



I have not had any yet, but am on the lookout.


Deirdre Freeman painting


Are you selling your art?

Yes, I have sold a bunch. I have "shown" my work on Facebook, and people let me know if they wish to purchase them. For awhile, it was hard for me to think about parting with originals, but I am able to now. In fact, I hope to continue to be an artist who sells originals instead of prints.


Where do you mostly promote your art online?




Life and bright color combinations influence me.



I admire Gustave Klimt, Rene Magritte, and Jamie Lopez. The first two are legends and Jamie is a fellow artist in Florida who is influenced by the day of the dead.


Can you tell us something interesting in your life?

Every day I live is an interesting one because I live in the moment. I try not to dwell on my past, nor plan too much for the future.


Deirdre Freeman artist


Any embarrassing moments you can tell us about?

I still remember my skirt falling off during a kickball game when I was about eight.


If you had a chance to do it all over again, would there be anything you would do differently?

I would devote each day to loving and learning even more exuberantly.


Any future plans?

I'd like to make a whole lot more, to never stop being a creator. I'd also love to have more people own my art.


Would you like to share some advice for other artists?

Never stop creating. Never give up your dreams and visions, even when the present seems murky. There will always be light.

Deirdre Freeman - Creating Art is Like Oxygen to Me

Alameda, CA USA

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