Hypothetically, if you had an opportunity to relive your life, would you do anything different?

This is one of the questions asked in our artist spotlight form. The answers have been quite varied.

Personally, if I had that chance (knowing what I know now), I probably would do many things different. At the same time, I do not have any regrets with where life has led me.

Below are 10 artists from our artist spotlights, including answers to this question.

  1. Alyson Sheldrake

    On the rocks UK artist living in the Algarve, Portugal

    Style: Modern and contemporary

    Mediums: acrylics

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”No - life is always too short for regrets - I believe that everything happens for a reason and leads you to the next stage of your life.”

  2. Peter Dunckelmann

    digital abstract Melbourne, Australia

    Style: Abstract

    Mediums: Digital photography, prints on paper

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”I only wish the digital technology would have appeared earlier in my life.”

  3. Rebecca Louise Saunders
    country walk
    Loire Valley – France

    Style: surreal

    Mediums: Watercolours, charcoal (Nitram) crayons, acrylics, inks, pencils, felt-tips, pastels, everything except oil paint

    ”I developed my severe chronic arthritis, which is an autoimmune illness, when I was 3 and a half years old. I was in hospital for a spinal fusion when I was 5 years old.

    I have had to be in and out of hospital for most of my life, but now I (within the last 12 years or so) I can do something I want to do, and that is to paint.

    Painting is something I am in control of and something I love to do.”

  4. Terri Holland
    Texas, USA

    Style: realism, impressionist

    Mediums: acrylic

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”Oh for sure....I would start painting early on and make a living or try to at doing that and that only.”

  5. Rosamar Amigo McMillan
    rosamar mcmillan
    California, USA

    Style: fables, fantasy, theatrical, imaginative art

    Mediums: oil, acrylic, mix media

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”Perhaps meet a few fascinating artists of that era.... and paint!”

  6. Deirdre Freeman

    Deirdre Freeman artist Alameda, CA USA

    Style: inspirational

    Mediums: acrylics, mixed media

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”I would devote each day to loving and learning even more exuberantly.”

  7. Joe Versikaitis
     Versikaitis Keeets
    Red Deer, Alberta - Canada

    Style: sport art

    Mediums: pastels, acrylics

    ”I have been honing my artwork since I was a kid but seriously since 1988. Hockey has always been an inspiration field for my work. I still remember the first time I watched hockey, that was back in 1972. We just moved to Brooks, Alberta from Venezuela. The first game that I seen was being played by the Brooks Tubers. The atmosphere with the crowd in the arena and the game on the ice got me hooked. The goalie for the Brooks Tubers at the time was a gentlemen by the name of Pat Donovan. It amazed me how he could stop that rubber bullet and still be ready for the next shot. Also the speed of the game blew me away. Back then the arena had chain link fence around the back board and every time the players would skate by you could feel the wind.”

  8. David McDonough
    David McDonough
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Style: Op & Pop Art

    Mediums: Mixed media

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”I don’t think I’d change much but I may have gone to art school instead of getting a BA in Sociology.”

  9. Michelle Ranson
    Suffolk, UK

    Style: abstract

    Mediums: Acrylic on Canvas & Mixed Media

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”I would have liked to have studied at Uni away from home (I did my art degree in Uni very close to home - next town). But other than that I don't have regrets really, I've made mistakes - everyone does, but you learn from them, use them as inspiration in your art and move on.”

  10. Amanda Morrison
    boop boop be whoops
    Roanoke, VA USA

    Style: Post impressionist pre-apocalyptic painter

    Mediums: oil paint, acrylic paint, sharpie paint markers

    Would you do anything differently?

    ”Absolutely I would want to do it all different and then live it again and do it all different again and so on and so forth.”


What would your answer be to this question? If you had a chance to live your life once more, would you do anything differently?

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  1. I would want to find painting earlier in my life and then make it my life. I would also play sports and get a motorcycle license.


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