Eton Rifles Michelle RansonMichelle Ranson

Suffolk, UK

Mediums: Acrylic on Canvas & Mixed Media

Style: Abstract

Favorite Quote: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” - Pablo Picasso 

Favorite Books: The life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson or Roald Dahl's Matilda

Favorite Movies: Dirty Dancing, & Grease (think that's the same with every woman in their 30's)


I gained a degree in Fine Art in 2005 at Colchester Institute’s School of Art and Design, I then formed a career as an Art teacher before becoming more established as an artist.

I'm inspired by a range of art movements including Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Modernism & Conceptualism.

My work deals with personal spiritualization which comes from memories of home life (past and present), demonstrating a form of narrative showing emotional reactions towards these both positive and negative experiences. These are depicted in the form of abstract canvases with the occasional use of the figure.

I use a variety of paint applications and processes which convey many elements of texture, tone, line and layers to convey these emotions.

Can you remember your first experience with art?

2nd Class Citizen I honestly can't remember. My mum said I used to draw with crayons all over the walls when I was a toddler and would always be drawing. I won 2nd place in a national illustration competition when I was 12 (Remember I had to draw Old Macdonalds Farm). I knew then I wanted a future in art in some way or another.



Do you listen to music while painting?

Planet Rock radio station. Love Rock music from the late 80's early 90's. The cheesier the better.


Do you have a job other than artist?

Art Teacher a couple of days a week, working with students 11-16


What are you trying to convey to others through art?

My images are mysterious in their settings, yet have a sense of the familiar about them. I want to make my work accessible to all through encouragement of individual interpretation. I don't want to tell people what to think when they look at my work, but its always interesting to hear. Once I had a review in a local magazine and they were talking about 'RockCake' and how I was drawing on the traditional afternoon tea as inspiration - The image was actually from a photo my husband took of some rocks in The Burren, Co Clare, Ireland and I wanted to use happy yellow colours as its a place we have fond memories of. I did smile at the review.


Can you say something about your creation process?

33 I always carry a sketchbook and camera around with me. I draw and take snaps of inspirational items, usually man hole covers, cracks in pavements, graffiti - things people over look on a daily basis.

I use these images back in my studio, often changing the colours to more vivid brighter ones, to reflect my mood at that moment.

I don't like to return to a painting more than twice (have a break for a cuppa or food), as I feel that moment has then gone or my feeling towards the image has changed.

I work quite quickly in acrylics as they dry quicker and I can layer the paint and colours.





Everyday objects people over look because of their unnecessary busy technology filled lives. I like the way light hits pavements, rocks, walls, buildings, windows. If I'm in a happy mood I paint bright oranges and yellows if my mood is more relaxed and muted I use blues and greens.



(In the last 18 months)

  • Sept 13; Master of Art International Exhibition Mile End Art Pavilion; London
  • March 13 ‘Managing a Master Piece‘, (National Lottery) Suffolk County Council, Sudbury.
  • Sept 12; ‘Masters of Art’ The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk.
  • July 12; ‘Upcycling’; Gallery 47, Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  • June - Aug 12; Summer Exhibition 2012, Royal Academy of Arts, London
  • June 12; ‘Charity Exhibition’; De Vere Framing, Sible Hedingham, Essex
  • May 12/13; ‘Art About Town’, Café Jaqui, North Street, Sudbury, Suffolk
  • May 12/13; ‘Showcase Exhibition 2012’ SOS, Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham, Suffolk
  • Mar 12; ‘Contrasts’, The Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre, Colchester. (SOLO)


Rock Cake


How many artworks have you sold?

Almost 200, I believe Art should be affordable for all. I encourage people to give me a price of how much they would be willing to pay for my work, and take it from there. My paintings are moments of my experiences. I would rather people have these on their walls rather than gather dust in my studio where my attachment to my paintings doesn't last long and I want to make more room for more experiences and canvases.

How? Through my website (commissions), some galleries but mainly online through Ebay and online galleries.


Online art promotion

I think in this day and age if your not on the internet promoting your work its so much more difficult. I use Twitter, Facebook and Ebay mostly, though there are so many good art collectives/galleries online to go through them all would take weeks.



Karma I think artists must have influences otherwise there is nothing to feed the artists imagination and sometimes your ideas get stale.

My influences change all the time presently I love the work of L.S Lowry and Eric Ravilious really for mark making as I'm working on abstract landscapes at present.

I also find loads of inspiration from Abstract expressionists such as De Kooning and Pollack (early work before the splats).



Can you tell us about another admired artist?

I also admire Mike Wiggins (another local artist), he's just won an award for his work in Suffolk Showcase exhibition in Smiths Row Bury St Edmunds. He works in pen and ink and his work is really surreal. The more you look at his work the more you see. I do an ink drawing everyday (inspired by Mike) and sell each one on Ebay. I've been doing this since Dec 2012 I call them #thedailysketch.


Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

I am a vegetarian, Buddhist, rock chick, real ale lover. I never wear black.


Any embarrassing moments?

I don't embarrass easily anymore, if you can't laugh at yourself its a poor job really.


If you could live your life over again, would there be anything you would do differently?

I would have liked to have studied at Uni away from home (I did my art degree in Uni very close to home - next town). But other than that I don't have regrets really, I've made mistakes - everyone does, but you learn from them, use them as inspiration in your art and move on.


Any future plans?

Michelle RansonI have this aspiration to be a full time successful artist by the time I'm 40  (6 years to go).

I think I'm doing alright, I've had 2 paintings in Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012, won award for Best Abstract Art (Master of Art International 2013), and have sold artwork to America and Europe. So watch this space.


Michelle Ranson

Suffolk, UK

Website: | Twitter | Facebook

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