Terri Holland

Texas, USA

Mediums: acrylic

Style: I have no idea, I guess realism, but I just love to paint and whatever comes out is the way it is.

Favorite Quote: “The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.” Vincent Van Gogh

Favorite Book: Of Mice & Men

Favorite Movie: Hope Floats


Barn Blue bonnets

Barn & Bluebonnets © Terri Holland

I am a self taught painter. I just started painting last Fall for fun in a group at a local art gallery and I fell in love, literally. I came home and made my husband build me a small, really small, studio out from my home under a grove of Live Oak trees. I call it my “Girl Cave”. I hang out there and paint. It releases all my tension and stress of work and everyday life. It is hard to explain to someone who doesn't know the feeling. I plan on painting from now on. I have dreams of just painting one day and doing nothing else!


Art as a Child

I loved to color when I was a kid. The best gift anyone could give me was new crayons and a coloring book. I could color for hours on end.


Art and Music

I listen to my ipod when I paint, and it has everything on it from George Strait to Adele and then some. Love it all.



I am a Community Relations Director for a non profit counseling center. I raise friends and funds in a nutshell. Creating and organizing events is my favorite part. It is stressful thought constantly trying to raise money in today's world.


Into The Light

Into the Light © Terri Holland


Is there anything you are trying to convey to others through your art?

I don't paint to convey anything to anyone really. I just paint what comes to mind or what make me happy.


Creative Process

Again, I just paint, sometimes the blank canvas is intimidating, but as soon as I start to put paint on it, I can start to envision something, whether a tree, a sky, etc... I just keep going until I feel it's done. I usually finish in a couple of hours.






I have 2 pieces in the local art gallery now and that is a first for me.


Have you been selling your art?

Yes I sold a painting on Ebay this summer.


Internet art promotion

I have a Redbubble site and a website. I also use Facebook and email a lot.



Spruce in the Majestic Mountains © Terri Holland



I try to paint for me and what I like and how I like.


Is there another artist you would like to recommend?

I have a local artist, Crystal Goodman, who paints and does a lot of murals in our town. She is freaking awesome and what I have learned I have learned from her.



I love to travel, by cruise ship. This year I will cruise for the 13th time. I also am very proud that I was awarded a “Woman To Watch” award by the Texas Professional Business Women this year, also I was appointed by the Texas Health & Human Services Commission to sit on the Tx Children's Policy Council in Austin, Tx. Quite an honor.


If you had a chance to live life over again, would there be anything differently you would do?

Oh for sure....I would start painting early on and make a living or try to at doing that and that only.


Future Plans

I plan to keep making it, whether it is good or bad. I've joined the local art club for support and learning. I also plan to continue to promote my art.


Advice for Artists

terri-hollandJust do it! And keep doing it!


Terri Holland - Dreams of Painting


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