Kenneth Frizzell

Tennessee, USA  

Mediums: Watercolor, acrylic

Style: Realism, impressionistic

Favorite Quote: 'True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.' Albert Einstein

Favorite Books: Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, Sherlock Holmes.

Favorite Movies: Serenity, Lord of the Rings, Super 8


Sunset at Pelican Cove

Sunset at Pelican Cove © Kenneth Frizzell - Watercolor ACEO art card of a peaceful seascape.


I have been drawing and painting for much of my life. I began to stand out in art classes in high school and by my senior year I was noted as being above the average art student. I won awards for artist of the year and best senior artist and went on to win the Helen Odle Art Scholarship for college. I have since won awards in several local art competitions and have developed a reputation as a talented artist.

Can you remember experiences with creating as a child?

When I was in junior high, 7th grade, I was envious of fellow classmates who seemed to be so talented  drawing. I began training myself to draw by copying comic book heroes and later painting them. It wasn't long before my talent began to bloom.


New Dungeness Light

New Dungeness Light © Kenneth Frizzell - Watercolor ACEO of the Washington State lighthouse.


Art and Music

I like rock & roll, both contemporary and classic.


Do you have a job besides art?

I am a freshwater mussel diver in the Tennessee River. Discovery Channel actually filmed a reality show about mussel diving and I have a few small parts. Some of my artwork will be on the show. The show is called Dixie Divers and the promo is on Youtube. My daughter Tiffany Frizzell is on the promo.


What are you trying to convey to others viewing your art?

I try to convey my love of nature and the world to the viewer. If a person comes away from my work with a new appreciation of the beauty around them, then I feel vindicated.


Wolf on shell

Timber Wolf © Kenneth Frizzell - Acrylic painting on a freshwater mussel shell mounted on driftwood.


Creative Process

My work begins with an idea and quickly progresses through the design stage as I attempt to capture my idea on paper. As the idea develops into an actual rough sketch, it has inevitably evolved. But this evolution is often a good thing as I polish off the rough sketch and finish the actual piece. 



Because I work outdoors during my day job, I am constantly inspired by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Sometimes I just stop and drink in the sight of clouds suspended in blue skies, reflected in the still waters of the lake. The flight of an eagle, the timid steps of a white-tail deer... all these things inspire me.



Hali © Kenneth Frizzell - A watercolor ACEO art card of a rescue eagle named Hali.



I have been featured in several local art shows such as the Henry County Art Council annual show, as well as at the Paris Landing State Park Arts and Crafts show. I have recently been featured at the Ocmulgee Art Gallery in Macon, GA for their special ACEO/ATC show.


How have you been selling your art?

I have sold many of my painted shells both locally and in area arts and crafts shows. I have also sold hundreds of my ACEO original art cards on Ebay.


Mallards on a washboard

Mallards Coming In © Kenneth Frizzell - Acrylic painting on a freshwater mussel shell mounted on Tennessee River driftwood.


Online art promotion

I sell my paintings on Ebay and I promote my work on Facebook and I have just started a website about my work. It is called Lost Creek Art



Kenneth Frizzell I have studied the works of many artists but the ones that made me want to be an artists are the likes of Frank Frazetta and Boris.



John Monroe is a local artist who has sold paintings in New York and Paris, France. He works in oils and tries to keep his style loose. His critique of my work is that I am too tight with my style.


Website: Lost Creek Art | Twitter | Facebook

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