Lloyd Knowles

Utah, USA

Although I’ve been working in painting (and other forms of art) for 4 years, my portfolio is increasing. I studied art along with my architectural program, then set it aside for 37 years while busy with a career in architecture (design) and raiding a family of nine.

The economic bubble bursting can either be seen as either a blessing or a disaster. It took out my architectural firm – but also fast tracked my work in art. This was done on the assumption that if I couldn’t make an income I might as well be enjoying it.

Although I have yet to exhibit outside of my home state of Utah (trying to expand), I have enjoyed the opportunity of two solo exhibits, published in two museum catalogs and am active in local art organizations.


Walking on Water

Walking on Water - Lloyd Knowles

When did you first understand your love of art?

I believe I first understood my love of art while finger painting in pre-school.


Can you explain your art to us?

Prior to starting to paint I was working to overcome the oft expressed feeling of “nobody understands Isaiah”. So I worked at it in depth for three years.

In 2008 – the year my career was imploding – I read chapter 3 for the … time; closed my eyes and saw the face of a young red haired girl ( 4 “And I give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”) – she had a lot of red hair. Within a few months I had my first work completed “And Children Shall be their Princes”.


Children Shall be their Princes

And Children Shall be Their Princes - Lloyd Knowles


This formed my first style and theme. Seeing Isaiah has been exhibited widely, I’ve completed less than 10 chapters or parts thereof. Acrylic with mixed media. Much of this piece uses computer graphics – a process I used much in architectural illustration. Nice to have a 42” wide printer.

My other theme is simply personal works. There are a few small series therein. I don’t like to think in terms of styles – they are helpful for galleries; therefore I say metaphorical and geometric expressionism. This is often combined.

My preferred medium is acrylic on panel, but anything can be useful. Some works are straight CG prints. Some paintings start out with a Photoshop comp. Others are just laid out on the panel and transform in the process. One work is an installation piece. I have a large log outside my studio that is waiting to become a sculpture.

I tend to work large, which tends to make work hard to sell. I see small paintings and think “Why?” You have to stand right up to it and can’t enjoy it just by walking into a room.

I’ve worked on canvas and paper but prefer 1/8” hardboard for it’s stiffness. I love to work with spatulas as well as brushes, paint roller, pouring, embedding. Life couldn’t be more fun.


The Depths from raw

The Depths – Lloyd Knowles


What style of music do you listen to while creating art?

Music is imperative. My father taught music and I grew up in a musical home. I was fortunate to study at the U of Utah when Ned Rorem was a composer in residence and Vladimir Ussachevsky, among others lectured. I was studying contemporary architecture and art and had access to leading edge composers.

That said, I enjoy Classical (Bach to Adams), Jazz, and if in the mood – just about anything. Very eclectic play list. I do lean to contemporary composers such as Adams, Legeti, Glass, Part, Rorem, Takemistu – and so many others.


How do you get inspired?

I’m never uninspired. I’ve got at least 30 sketches for new work. I also have friend artists whose work I like on Facebook, and they post more inspiration.


Isaiah 5 Ways and Thoughts Triptych

Ways and Thoughts - Lloyd Knowles


What do you do in your spare time besides art?

Family – 17 grandkids!

Church – Christian ( Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – also called Mormons)

Movies – I’ve been stuck on them since I was a tot; mostly drama, historical, military, action, mind-benders

Visit museums – I don’t travel without taking in museums and concert halls.

I just built a new studio, but I’m a lousy carpenter. Love the outdoors but my age is slowing me down. Especially the mountains – backpacking, rapelling, climbing glacier. Those were the days!

Tennis … More art


Tell us about recent artworks

Isaiah 7:14-16. Isaiah’s first prophecy of the birth of Christ. Very metaphorical. 48” sq

Also have laid out a small piece on wood – to be painted and inlaid with stainless steel.

Just finished a piece titled Sentience 30x48” – acrylic and stainless steel on panel.


Do you have a favorite artwork?

My favorite is still my first (since school) – Isaiah 3. The red haired girl presides over the judgments against Israel.


Isaiah 40A The Grass Withereth

The Grass Withereth - Lloyd Knowles


What role do artists have in society?

To see who we are. To create for our time. To show appreciation for beauty in ways that can’t be found anywhere else.


Have you sold many artworks?

One, so far (have interest in a couple of others). My lawyer did some work for me and accepted art in trade (worth about $4000). It hangs in and dominates the restroom of his office. As he puts it – it gets a lot of prime attention.


What are your favorite ways of online art promotion?

Still searching on marketing. I feel on-line is the way of the future. Galleries are closing, and those who are not mark up work until it’s either unsalable or the artist takes a hit.

My website and Facebook mostly, to a lesser extent my blog. I have work on a few other sites – I would like to know who actually sells on their sites.


Who are your influences?

Other than Van Gogh, just about anyone breaking barriers from the Bauhaus on. Kandinsky, Marc, Chagall, Arp, Duchamp, Ernst, Modigliani, Moholy-Nagy, Klee, Calder, Moore, Giacometti, de Kooning, Motherwell, Rothko, Johns, Pollack, Warhol, Stella, Newman, Rauschenberg, Philip Johnson, Mies, Taniguchi, John Cage… uh, there probably isn’t an end. Add the composers listed above, Cage is listed for both his music and writings.


Can you share some good advice for emerging artists?

Look inside, never outside.


Lloyd Knowles - Metaphors and Other Visions

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  1. I was fascinated by your piece "Isaiah 38" displayed in Springville. It really spoke to my left brain/ right brain connection.


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