site tour A while back I created a Site Tour for Artpromotivate. With hundreds of articles published since then, I can see that this page is in dire need of an update. Instead of reformatting the original post, I decided to create an entirely new Site Tour.

This site tour serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it takes new visitors on a guided tour of navigating Artpromotivate. Secondly, it highlights the BEST of what Artpromotivate has to offer.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for everyone who has followed Artpromotivate, and regularly read, share and comment on posts. You are what has motivated me to write here regularly – and without you there would be no purpose to having a site such as this. I will have plenty more in store for you in the coming months!

How to Search for Artpromotivate Articles

  1. Search by Category

    artpromotivate categories In the top menu, there are a few basic categories: art promotion, tips, sell art, artist websites and inspiration. Click on these to view a list of articles based on that topic.

    Categories can also be searched via the Archive page in the top menu, or the Categories section in the sidebar.

  2.  Using Site Search

    Just enter a keyword into the search-bar to reveal a list of articles based on that topic. This method is effective sometimes – but personally I feel that the next search method works much better for finding APM articles.

  3. inspiration articlesGoogle Search

    Enter the following into Google search: “” then follow it with a keyword, such as “inspiration”.

    The search results will only list posts from Artpromotivate based on the keyword “inspiration”.

    If you are searching for a particular article or artist, this is the perfect way to quickly find that article.

  4. Subscribing and Following

    If you prefer to receive articles via email as soon as they are published, or social networks, subscribe through one or more of these options:


The following is a list of our best articles, based on two topics: INSPIRATION and ART PROMOTION. If you are visiting for the first time, this is a very good place to begin reading.

Art Promotion and Selling Art Articles



Inspirational and Motivational Articles


Last, but certainly not least, is our enormously popular (and free) ARTIST SPOTLIGHT. Find details on how you can be a part of it, and get free promotion of your art here: Artist Spotlight

See some of the hundreds of talented artists who have been featured: Artist Interviews

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