The new year is almost here! 2013 has been a very successful year for this site – both in readership and followers at social networks. Both have grown substantially in the past year. Below is an overview some of our current stats regarding follower counts.

Subscribers: 1950+ (subscribe here)
Facebook: 5273 (follow APM)
Twitter: 11,913 (follow at Twitter)

This is not to brag of course. I’ve been concentrating on increasing follower counts because I know that this will benefit all the artists who I freely promote via the artist spotlight and other promotions. Each artist spotlight is shared with subscribers and social media followers, and I like to re-promote artists through subsequent “lists of artists”. (one example is here: Abstract Artists)

I’m planning on announcing some new free promotions early in 2014. I’m also have a large, growing list of great topics to be covered. If you have a suggestion on a topic you would like to see here, please let me know in the comments, or contact form at the bottom of this site. I also welcome guest posts, especially from artists. (See: Guest Posting Guidelines)

Below is a review of some of the best articles of 2013. I have them listed by month below. This post features January to June.

  1. art-portfolio-websites-listJanuary – List of Portfolio Websites

    I’ve seen similar lists online, but most were outdated and included broken links. So, I decided to create this updated list, and add many of the sites which I’ve reviewed. I also added some free trial and paid services.

  2. February – How to Make an Impact on the World

    This article spawned from a message I received on Facebook. I always enjoy receiving such motivating and encouraging messages, and plan on sharing more of them soon.

  3. March – Artists Who Became Famous After Death

    This article lists some now famous artists who experienced relatively little notoriety in life. Sometimes this is a choice, as in the case of Arthur Pinajian and Dave Pearson. Be sure to read through the comments and give your own response to this issue .

  4. fun selling art April – Have Fun Trying to Sell Art

    One of the keys to successful art sales is to just enjoy yourself. Don’t focus too much on the selling aspect. Instead emphasize communication. Learn to explain your art and why you created it. Don’t get upset by rejection and rude comments. Use it as the impetus to learn grow and try harder.

  5. May – Business Ideas for Artists

    Full time artists need not think that art galleries are the only way of supporting themselves. There are many other possibilities. I know many artists who have side professions in other creative fields, such as tattooing, graphic arts, portraiture, muralist and more.

  6.  June -  Street Art Illusions by Edgar Mueller

    This happens to be the number one viewed post on Artpromotivate (mostly as a result of shares on Stumbleupon). I plan on more similar posts on amazing, unique art in the coming year.


(I’ll continue this list soon)


This website has come a long way, but not without your help. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, shares and encouragement. I wish you all a year filled with love, success and good art!

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