Amar Singha

West Bengal / India.

Mediums:  Oil painting.

Style:  Cubist & Indian miniature.

Favorite Quote:  Painting is poetry, which is seen and not heard. Poetry is a painting, which is heard, but not seen   - Leonardo da Vinci.

Favorite Book:  What is art.  Author – Ashoke Mitra.

Favorite  Movie:  Bombay, Rocks have eyes, Roja.



Blooming, Size - H- 33 / W- 28.inch, Medium - Oil on canvas.


I was born in Hoogly district of West Bengal in1978. But, I haven’t seen my birth place, & still now I have no knowledge about that place. I was brought up in several places of West Bengal, because of the transferable job of my father. I have taken the full advantage of this situation, & my life has been filled with several experiences from childhood.

After graduation, I obtained my degree of Fine art, from the well known institute - Academy of Creative Art, Calcutta. I was a student of the western painting department of my art college. But at the final year, when I read the book named,” Indian Miniature Art,” part -1 & 2, I was really impressed. Then I thought about making a bridge between Western and Indian style of painting. But my experiment was interrupted for several reasons. From 2011, I started my work again, and now I’m very near of my destination. 

I’m mainly a cubist artist, but I have brought the style of colour making and drawing, from Indian miniature. I have also tried to bring the affectation of Indian miniature, in my cubist painting. In my very recent work, I think it has been successful.    


Please tell us about your first experience creating.

At the first time, I used water colour, because I had a fear of oil colour. My teachers taught me about the techniques of oil painting. When I depicted an oil painting, one of my teachers said, “do you want to bring a photographic image in your painting”? The reason behind this question was, I used the oil colour very smoothly and softly. It didn’t match with the traditional style of oil painting. After watching for a few days, sir said – “you carry on your own style, I want to see something new.”



Carnival, Size - H- 37 / W- 25 inch, Medium - Oil on canvas.


What music do you like to have playing while creating art?

There is no specific music. It depends on the subject of my painting. When I dive deeply in my painting, a rhythm or a specific tone, continues playing in my inner mind, which is perfectly matched, with my subject of painting. It comes automatically, by following my previous hearing experience of music. I love music very much.


What are you trying to convey to viewers through your art?

I just want to give a cool peacefulness to the viewers. I know it very well, if someone deeply views my painting for a few times, he will fill this peace, and his diverted mind will concentrate within a few minutes.  I also try to express my some unique feelings, which often come suddenly.


Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion:

I am a good reader. At the time of my childhood, when I read any story, it was my nature to express this story by few pencil drawings.  My friends & parents encouraged me. After completion of my college life, I was admitted to art college. It was my dream from childhood. When I passed from art college, then I decided to go as a self employed artist. But my career became fully stopped for a long period, because of the death of my father.

From 2011, I started again to build my career as an artist. I worked as a full time artist. Then I had no money. I started my personal website by loan. In 2013, I received an international award from ”Light Space Time” online art gallery. Mr. Math (gallery director) helped me to build my artist career, by giving his valuable advice. It was a good break in my life.



Passion, Size - H - 35 / W- 28.inch. Medium - Oil on canvas.  


What things inspire you to create art?

Anything, which touches my mind deeply.


What exhibitions have you had?

Solo – February 14th to18th-2013, Youth Club Hall ( W.B. )
Group – Asutosh Gallery ( Calcutta)1997, Organized by Academy of Creative Art.
Landscape Art Exxibition - 2013, organized by Light Space Time.


Have you sold any of your artworks?

Till now, there are four paintings which are sold through some of my well wishers, who personally know me.


Amar Singha Painting

Sri-raag with ragini Malasree. Size - H- 36 / W- 29 inch. Medium - Oil on canvas.


How do you promote your art on the internet?

I try to promote my art through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and some free promotional site, like Fine Art America, Artavita, Art exchange India, etc.


Please recommend another artist you admire, and tell us a little about them:

Mainly I respect Picasso. As a master painter, it is unnecessary to tell about him. In India, I like Paresh Maiti. One of the young established artists.  Paresh Maiti was born in Mednapur district of West Bengal.  He passed from Govt. Collage of art & craft. Mainly he is a water colour artist, but now he established himself in oil colour. He has taken his style from Bengal’s folk art. He is now a permanent member of Calcutta contemporary artist organization, and Callcutta Painters.


Tell us something interesting in your life

I participated in an international landscape art competition on 27th August of 2013. When I knew about the competition, then already some days were left. But I decided to join for the competition.  I submitted only one painting to Light Space Time art gallery. Because I had a monetary problem.  I thought that there will be many talented artists participating in this event, & one artist can submit maximum five paintings. I submitted only one. So it is a fact, that I have no chance to win. Poverty is my strong enemy. But when the result declared by mail, I was really surprised to see it, that my painting has received the special recognition award. I didn’t believe it, until I saw my painting in their gallery page. It was the first international event in my life.



Returning. Size - H - 29 / W - 37 inch. Medium - Oil on canvas.


Do you have an embarrassing moment in your life?

As I said before, admission in an art college, was a dream from my childhood.  After completion my college study, I did admission tests in three art collages. But on one allowed me. Then my mind was completely broken. My father was against my dream. He didn’t want me to build my life as an artist. But at that time, my mother and aunt were helpful & encouraged me. I tried again.


If you could live your life over again, would there be anything you would do differently?

If almighty creator doesn’t permit me to build my career as an artist, then I shall be a monk, because I want to live in my creation.  


What plans do you have for the future of your art?

I want to make a bridge, between western and Indian art, by following the style of cubism and Indian miniature. I think my experiment will give a new prosperity to both sides. Western and eastern concept of style, colour making, concept of perspective composition, linier effect will bring a new way of contemporary art.


Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?

I want to say for young artist,

  1. Complete your painting & projects in a specific time.
  2. Give an effort for promotion of your art work.
  3. Always try to study and understand the work of other established artists.
  4. Try to grow your social media network.
  5. Must maintain your artist website, and promote it.


Amar Singha

West Bengal / India.

Website: | FAA | Twitter | Facebook

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