It’s the beginning of a new year – the time when many think about things they would like to change and achieve in their lives. For artists, it can be a time for reflection on accomplishments of the past year. What have you achieved and learned? Where do you go from here? What would you like to accomplish by this time next year?

It’s a great time to ponder on these questions and think about our dreams and goals. Here are some articles to help with that:

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Below are 10 artists who have shared their future goals with us in their spotlights. Please let us know what your dreams are in the comment section below.. or send them via the contact form (I will share them in a subsequent article if I receive enough).

  1. Reis Valdrez


    Style: sculpture

    Medium: wide range of mediums, video

    Reis Valdrez

    Goals: “I make it up as I go, but I would like to widen my range of countries and cultural experiences in the future”

  2. Mezei József Tibor


    Style: Abstract, Portraiture

    Medium: Graphite and Color Pencils

    The Repteye

    Goals: “I plan to create many artworks, and to promote them over the internet if possible, and sell as many as I can.”

  3. David Sanchez


    Style: Surrealism - psychedelic

    Medium: digital art

    david sanchez kick

    Goals: “I hope to have established a successful career selling my paintings and having my imagination put to use   in movies and video games. I would also like to branch my artwork out into clothing, calendars, sculptures and many other things.”

  4. Elynne Rosenfeld

    United States

    Style: stylized abstraction on nature theme

    Medium: acrylic, glass beads, beach glass on canvas, prismacolor on paper


    Goals: “In a way there is good in not knowing. That said, right now and for the immediate future my work is being shown at the newly opened Transfer Station.”

  5. Tracy Stokes

    South Africa

    Style: primitive surrealism, contemporary folk art

    Medium: acrylic, pastel, oil pencil, ink

    bird talk by tracy stokes

    Goals: “To just keep painting and see where it takes me.”

  6. Michael O'Gorman

    United Kingdom

    Style: Surrealism

    Medium: Oil paints, acrylic paints, pencils

    Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Goals: “I plan to create more paintings and to continue promoting my website. I don't know if I'll be making any stylistic changes to my artwork. In fact, I'm not even sure if I can. People with a unique style tend to be prisoners of it.”

  7. Lynn Gibson


    Style: Organic & Abstract

    Medium: Encaustic

    Where It All Started Lynn Gibson

    Goals: “I would love to take some of the paintings that I already have (I’ve got a few in mind) - and create a sculpture of those paintings, they look almost 3D on the flat surface it would be fun to see them in actual 3D land. The wax is too brittle once off a surface so I need to experiment with materials, I need to achieve that matt flat surface along with the bright colours. Also to keep exhibiting, try and get a solo exhibition going and also one outside of Glasgow – those are the next steps.”

  8. Lee Furlong


    Style: Abstract, Impressionism, macro, Minimalist, traditional/classical

    Medium: Photography

     Start of the evening

    Goals: “Experiment, experiment, experiment”

  9. Julz Davidson


    Style: Varied

    Medium: Mixed Media; acrylic, watercolour, ink, gouache; waxed linen, watercolour paper, block printing ink

    miss mia malone

    Goals: “I wish to continue to create books for everyone, and to do more commissioned paintings in the future.”

  10. Gina Martucci


    Style: Realism

    Medium: graphite pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal

    gina martucci

    Goals: “My future plans for my art is to keep making it! I never want to stop learning about it and trying new things! I want as many people to see it and buy it as possible!”

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