Mark Kulaga (koogz)

South West Florida / United States

Visual artist, Photographer 

Mediums: Photography

Style: Sculpture


  scissor wings in tvws


I rediscovered the art within about 2 years ago while taking care of my father.  In my path I noticed many objects of interest that stood out and began to create.  The images took on the shape of hearts and wings, with some surprises inside that I had only discovered after final rendering that were not my creation.

First Experience with Art:

My first new experience was while sitting outside, I noticed a piece of wood floating in a small pond and it was of great interest.  I took an image of it and later that night began to take that image and manipulate it.  My first set of wings was born out of this experimentation.


Musical Inspiration:

All music inspires me.  Classical, Punk, Rock, Pop, Country.  I am influenced greatly by it, and my surroundings.  My art depicts my feelings at the time and the essence of my subject matter is retained while producing a new life of it’s own.



ascension mark kulaga

Other Job:

I have worked in Apple Retail for the past 7 years in just about every position one can imagine.  My most recent was “Genius”


My message from my art:

To create one must forget the need or desire to color within constraints of rules and see the world with fresh eyes. 


Creative Process:

I begin, and where it takes me, is as much as a surprise to me as anyone.  It is a freeing experience emanating from one of my first pieces named “Freedom”. 


unlock heart in tvw



Everything inspires me.  People, Music, the environment in which I find myself when creating, and my feelings at the time.



I have had no exhibitions in my life, and look forward to presenting my art to the world at every opportunity.


How have I sold art?

None of my art is currently for sale per se, it is open to discussion as to where, when, and how much.  If it has meaning for someone they will want to buy it, and I will then sell it.


  dream catcher in tvw


How do I promote my art:

I promote my art currently on the following social networks.  Facebook, Instagram, SEE | ME, my website and Twitter.



My admirations and art crushes: Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci


Tell us something interesting in your life

I represented the USA in the World Amateur Snooker Championships as a delegate / player.  I have a design patent for a novel computer security device.  I traveled to Italy once on an Art and Architectural tour where the tour guide was a total ass, and so I took half of the people on the tour and led them myself according to a proper itinerary seeing some of the greatest works of Art that moved and molded my passion and love for art and what it means in life.


Do you have an embarrassing moment in your life?

I have had many embarrassing moments in my life.  I take the good with the bad equally though.  Life is about learning, and even the pain and sorrow have a place that should hold equal value to the good times that enrich us.



If you could live your life over again, would there be anything you would do differently?

I would change nothing.  I can see that the decisions I have made good and bad have led me to meeting some of the great loves of my life, and if changing one of those could mean missing out on that love and heartbreak, then it would be tragic.


What plans do you have for the future of your art?

I will be fabricating my art in other forms.  The original form that it took will be the modality in which I create it again.  For example, I created wings of glass, from broken glass I stepped on.  I would love to fabricate them.   All of my pieces have been born of some discarded pieces of life.


Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?

mark kulaga Never stop doing your artNever stop doing your art.  It is a never ending story, that continues after you no longer exist.  If you pursue your dream of creating, then others will never allow it to die.


Mark Kulaga (koogz)

South West Florida / United States


Website: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |

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  2. Great message! Thank you for sharing your passion.


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