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Who would of thought a 13 year old little girl from Park Ridge, IL. who is non-verbal could inspire the WORLD!!  But She Has!!


Candy Waters


Our beautiful redheaded daughter Candace aka Candy is 13 years old and has severe autism.  Candy is non-verbal but she is a amazing painter!!  Even though Candy is non-verbal and unable to communicate through words she is able to express herself through her art and be heard around the Globe!! 

We have been flooded with inquiries on Facebook about how to purchase Candy's paintings from around  the World!!  Candy's art and story has inspired, raised autism awareness and given hope to people around the WORLD!


4 suns


Prints of Candy's paintings are being sold through "Kind Tree-Autism Rocks Foundation".  The way Candy gives back to the autism community is half of all proceeds from the sales of Candy's prints are going to help others on the autism spectrum fulfill their dreams of becoming artists.




Candy started painting when she was only six years old.  Candy has had numerous TV, Magazine, Newspaper and On-line stories done on her Amazing Art.


 Candy Waters Painting


Just some of Candy's many amazing accomplishments include The University of California, Irvine Magazine used her "Mr. Sun" painting for the cover of their Summer 2013 issue that sheds light on UCI’s efforts to help those affected by autism. Candy's "New Years Day" painting was on the Cover of the 2013 Winter Issue of "Something Special Magazine". 

Also, Candy's "Ray of Hope" painting will be prominently displayed in the newly constructed Dan Marino Foundation's "The Marino Campus" located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!


Something Special Cover

One of Candy's paintings titled "New Years Day" will be on the Cover of the winter issue of "Something Special Magazine" it's a magazine dedicated to parents raising a child with special needs.  Also, a wonderful cover story will be done on Candy's Amazing Art inside!!


Candy does not paint with her hands... she paints with her heart & soul!!  Candy's Art inspires others with Autism to follow their dreams.  Also, to help parents know that their child with Autism has just as much of a chance to inspire the WORLD no matter where they are on the Autism Spectrum!!! 

Candace has a very unique colorful happy style of painting.  She seems to know how colors blend together perfectly.  When she paints she becomes very happy and laughs which is priceless.


Candy Painting on the cover of UC Irvine Magazine

The University of California, Irvine Magazine is using my daughter Candy's "Mr. Sun" painting for the cover of their Summer 2013 issue that sheds light on UCI’s efforts to help those affected by autism!! Here is the link to the magazine.


We are so proud that Candace is able to express herself through her art.  Many artists have expressed that painting is poetry and poetry is painting, but with words.  Candy simply paints pure poetry.

Here is a You Tube video of Candy at work.

Here is a link to Candy's Like Page on Facebook.

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  1. What a wonderful story. As a mother of a child with autism I love to see our kids able to do something they love and share it with a world who may otherwise have a very hard time interacting with them.

    My own autistic daughter is a writer with several thousand online fans already at the age of 14. She loves to write and we are so blessed that she has been able to share her stories with so many others.

    I would also like to mention a great website for families impacted by autism, is designed to help families find the treatments, therapists and services they need in the local area. It also has a lot of links to online support through links to organizations, forums and other references.

    1. Yes I love to see Candy in action , could we see Candy paint ? I've asked Sandy through Facebook only to be blocked , seems a odd reaction.... A few other people asked Sandy the same question only to be blocked . Do you have something to hide ? Why do you react in this way Sandy ?

  2. Thank you Graham Matthews for sharing my daughter Candy's Amazing Art!!

    Faith, Love & Hope,

    Sandy Waters

  3. Nice story. Would love to see her actually painting her masterpieces. Only one YouTube video of her.


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