John Potter
South Florida, USA

John Potter

John Potter is an illustrator who makes a lot of maps. He also does most of the graphic design associated with his illustrations and maps. Mr. Potter works under the title Escape Key Graphics.

Potter’s work is almost entirely commercial in nature. His work appears on book covers, album covers, in ads and more. Potter switched almost exclusively to working in digital formats some time ago. Despite the fact many of his works start out as pencil sketches his portfolio of published work still includes graphite drawings and oil and acrylic paintings. Potter’s vector illustrations with Art Deco flair are highly regarded. He is also well known for his illustrated map designs. Potter has created maps for theme parks, race tracks, zoos and more. His map styles range from fun and frivolous isometric vector renderings to 3D rendered maps with an architectural look and feel.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Potter is particularly well known for illustrating and designing guest maps for some of the world’s most celebrated boat shows including the world’s largest boat show. Recently one of his illustrations was used as the visual identity of a major boat show. It was used as the program cover, in print ads, on pole banners, on rolling billboards and more. Potter’s knowledge of the yachting industry continues to make him sought out by yachting and marine companies.

John Potter Book Covers

When working with Potter you will find that he makes a great effort to provide continuous updates on your project’s progress. He works at a deliberate speed that ensures he will meet your deadline or deliver early. He keeps an open line of communication and makes great efforts to ensure that you are on the same page with the goals of the project.

Educated at Ringling School of Art and design with a major in illustration, Potter worked for the University of Florida as an artist as well as in the computer game industry, the software industry and of course the yachting industry. Potter learned the basics in art school, some basic computer graphics skills at the University of Florida, all kinds of computer and creative stuff including hardware repair in the computer game industry and in the yachting industry he built and maintained many websites. Eventually Potter was driven to combine his skills, experience and talent in the optimal mix and create Escape Key Graphics to utilize those skills, experiences and talents as a service.

Yacht and Brokerage Show

Computers were just emerging as a graphics tool when Potter attended art school, but within two years computer knowledge was a necessity. Potter learned on the job and went on to build his own computers and teach himself HTML and designed many websites. His skillset includes professional use of numerous computer programs. He now maintains a website highlighting his work at

Potter makes a solid effort to make every illustration at least a little bit better than the last and offer new options and ideas to his return clients. He is constantly researching new tools and software and frequently adds a new computer program to his tool kit. As an example Potter initially only produced hand drawn, vector based illustrated maps, but in order to add more diverse options to his clients he introduced 3D models used as maps in 2012. What initially seemed like a simple case of a new look and feel quickly proved to be a huge asset in applicability. A major client that had ordered a 3D map found themselves under the gun to produce signage with a “You Are Here” map on them and the format was set as a vertical rectangle. Although the main map was horizontal the 3D model could be rendered from another angle and it made it possible for Potter to deliver the sign graphics within the tight deadline required.

You Are Here

Potter is inspired by the works of the Italian Futurists including Tullio Crali, the Constructivists and of course Art Deco greats like Tamara de Lempicka. He finds South Florida’s abundance of classical Art Deco architecture, the tropical landscape and the local progressive attitude towards design inspirational.

If you are interested in seeing more of Potter’s work please visit his website at escapekeygraphics.

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