Places to Buy Oil Paint Online
Searching online for oil paint, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available. To help you in searching,

I decided to write this post to list my favorite places to buy oil paint online.

Oil paint is my favorite medium for painting. I've tried other mediums such as acrylic, watercolor and gouache, but I always return to it.

When I'm running out, I always get edgy. I sometimes like searching online for great deals.(I found one on Ebay, detailed in this post: How to Use Ebay to Find Great Deals on Art Supplies) By the way, there is no art supply store where I live, so I have to do all my shopping for art materials on the internet.

Here is a simple tip I should add here. If you are searching for art materials on Google, always add where you live. For example: "art supply Canada"

Using a location locally, you will not have to pay customs fees, and the package will be shipped quicker and with cheaper postage.

What follows is a list of my favorite online art suppliers:

    oil painting
  1. Blick Art Materials

    Blick is a great place to shop for oil paint online. They often have great deals and promotions, so be sure to visit often. Also sign up for their newsletter so you can be notified of future sales.

    To search for oil paint, make use of the search box. A search for "oil paint" will bring up the menu at the right. Blick Art Materials carries a wide range of oil painting related supplies, including professional artist oil colors, student oil colors, oil paining sets, brushes and much more.

    Clicking on Professional/Artist Oil Colours brings up a long list of professional oil paint. A description, item specs, resources, photos, reviews and videos accompany each item. Reviews and videos are most useful here. Be sure to take advantage of their current promo code when ordering.

  2. Ebay

    I have used Ebay several times for ordering oil paint online. It's especially useful for finding great deals on art supplies, as mentioned in my post How to Use Ebay to Find Great Deals on Art Supplies. To aquire the best bargains, search for "oil paint bulk" or "oil paint lot".

  3. Jerry's Artarama

    Jerry's Artarama also carries a wide range of oil color paints and mediums. The major categories for all available brands are all listed on one page. Jerry's Artarama also has a description, images, videos and reviews of most of the oil paints.

  4. Rex Art

    Rex Art is a family owned business, and carries a variety of professional and student quality oil paints. Listed are Daler-Rowney Georgian, Grumbacher Academy Oils, Grumbacher Water Soluble Oils, Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oils, Maimeri Classico Oil Colors, Michael Harding Handmade Artists Oils, Winsor & Newton Artists' Oils, Old Holland Classic Oil Colors, Richeson Oils - The Shiva Series, and Permalba Oil Paints.

  5. Michaels

    Michaels has many brands of oil paint in stock. I like the paint color chooser here as it allows selecting of different colors without leaving the page.

    paint colors
Have you availed of any of these online art suppliers for your purchases of oil paint? Which is your favorite? If your favorite isn't mentioned here, please do tell us about it in the comments below. :)

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