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Artist Spotlights - 125

Adrienne Harrington
Alice S Helwig
Andre Deherrera
Angela Deck – DrawPJ
Benjamin Matthijs
Betsy Frahm
Bhagvati Nath
BJ Tuininga
Bob Hughes
Bruce Black
Camille Roman
Candace Byington
Caroline Swaine–Donohoe
Catherine Armstrong
Cathy McClelland
Cathy Moothart
Chana Helen Rosenberg
Cheryl O
Christine Dana
Christine Striemer
Dan Cope
Darryn James Rae
Davide Barbanera
David Galchutt
David Parfitt
David Perl
Davie Hunt
Duncan Long
Eleanor Brownridge
Fiona de Lacy
Francene Levinson
Frank Myers
Gail McCoy
Gretchen Deahl
Heatherbell Barlow
Heidi Keyes
Hiroko Sakai
Iris Scott
Jacky Murtaugh
Jacqui Hawk
Janet Glatz
Jason Gluskin
Jill Harrison
Jivan Lee
John Neville Cohen
John Pilkington
Joy Hutchins
Judy Perrin
Julia Sattout
Justin Barnard
Karen Smith
Kate Masterson
Katerina Gorokhova
Katie Wyatt
Kevin Harney
Kimberlee Rocca
Laura Tovar Dietrick
Larry Cwik
Laura Miller
Lauren Curtis
Laurie Freitag
Liana Gor/Goroian
Linda Hoey
Lisa Aerts
Luke Prest
Lynette Williams
Maia Stefana Oprea
Marcia Crumley
Mary-Jane Moffett
Mary Lee Maynard
Max Tzinman
Michael Gaudet
Mike Filippello
Monika Mori
Nana Ellis
Nancy Jo Corderman
Nancy Lou Canyon
Neil Stewart
Neleisha Weerasinghe
Niharika Garg
Paul Buford
Paul Crimi
Paulo Themudo
Pearl Rogers
Peyton Rack
Piano as Art – Shauna Holiman and Penny Putnam
Piroska Pipo
Piotr Wolodkowicz
Reina Cottier
Robbie Craig
Robin Wiesneth
Rothko Hauschildt
Ruth McCabe
Sadie Jane
Samar Asamoah
Sam Randall
Sarah Shaw
Sara Morison
Scott Hile
Scott Kunkle – DrawPJ
Sea Dean
Shana L Rowe
Sharon Guy
Shayla Tansey
Shukla Chowdhury
Stephanie Holznecht
Steven Gordon Linebaugh
Sylvia Fuller
Tahirih Goffic
Tanielle Childers
Ted Barr
Teresa Dye
Teresa Young
Tina Marie
Tina Marohn
Tom Henderson Smith
Tracey Snyman
Vera Cauwenberghs
Virginia Erdie
Virginia Wilson
Wade Edwards
Warren Peterson
Wendy Goldberg
Yana Buzby – DrawPJ   







Artist Portfolio Website Creation

20 Common Mistakes in Portfolio Design – Part 1
20 Artist Website Design Errors to Avoid – Part 2
How to Find the Right Service to Host a Portfolio 
Free Sites to Build an Artist Website
Free Artist Website Templates
How to Learn Portfolio Design by Looking at Other Websites
How to Prepare Art for Portfolio Display
How to Increase Alexa Ranking
How to get your Website seen on Google and Bing

Build an Art Website Series:
1 - Choosing a Website Name with Google Keyword Research Tool
2 - Fix Pictures in Photoshop - Reduce Image Size - SEO Tips - Watermark Photos
3 - How to Make a Full Page HTML5 Slideshow
4 - How to Build a Keyword Research List for an Artist Website
5 - Adding Social Network Buttons to your Artist Website
6 - How to Create Artwork Gallery Pages for a Website Portfolio
7 - How to Create an Artist Bio Page at a Website for Art 


Art Promotion Online

Internet Myths Series:
9 Myths about Promoting Art on the Internet – Part 1
9 Internet Marketing Myths – Part 2
Greatest Internet Myth – Part 3

How to Sell your Art Online for Free
Creating a Plan for Promoting Art
How to Sell Art Online
Why Your Art Website is not Getting Traffic and How you Can Fix it 
10 Social Networks for Artists
10 Places to Promote Art Online
Where to Share Art Online
Priority List for Online Artists
Promoting Art With Flickr
Art Promotion With Addthis
Mobile Blogging Artwork
Art Promotion With Youtube
Promoting Art with Stumbleupon 
Marketing Art with Gmail
Artists on Google+
How to Create Google Plus Circles
Artists on Twitter
How to Add Art Images to Twitter
Artists on Pinterest
Art Groups on Linkedin
Pros and Cons of Art Giveaways
How to Become a Daily Painter
Art Promotion on Linkedin
Professional Networking Groups
Promoting Art With Google+ Pages
7 Twitter Tricks
10 Portfolio Sites to Promote Art Online
Using Slideshare to Promote Art
Advertising with Fiverr
Benefits of Content Curation
Create Online Newspaper with





Facebook Networking

10 Things Artists Should NOT do on Facebook
11 Tips and Tricks for Increasing Likes and Fans
7 Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Art
Tips for Selling Art on Facebook Artist Pages
How to Increase Facebook Edgerank to Promote Art in Newsfeeds 
How to Increase Activity and Engagement on Facebook Fan Pages
Facebook Page Timeline
How to Create a Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Timeline for Artists
How to Get Likes for Facebook Pages
How to Add a RSS Feed to a Facebook Page
How to Add Employer to Facebook Timeline
How to Make a Portfolio From Facebook Page Albums
How to Create a Portfolio Website in Facebook With Iwipa
How to Advertise Art at Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups

Facebook Page Promotions
How 3 Artists Use Facebook to Promote Art
1 - Artists on Facebook
2 - Renie Britenbucher - Keri Keene - Full Art Spectrum
3 - Hufreesh - John Parsons - ESKORT - Kimberly Zamlich
4 - Sarah Hinds and RB Arts Studio

















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