If you are like me, your computer sometimes gets a little cluttered, and it’s sometimes hard to find things. There is a little simple program in Windows that can be very handy, and a real time saver. That program is NOTEPAD! It will help you organize your computer!


I use notepad very often for various things online, mainly as a means of saving things for later. Here are some uses of notepad that I use for getting organized to promote my art online.


Before you use notepad for the things I will be telling you, you have to know how to “copy” and “paste”. I’m sure most of you already know this, but just in case, I will explain it. In windows, after you have selected some text, you can right-click, and select “copy”. This saves the selection to the clipboard. Then, open your notepad and right-click again, selecting “paste”, and your text appears there.


Notepad for Artists


Artist Screen Capture NotepadCreate a notepad document and label it “Links”. In it record all the url’s of any artist blogs or websites you own and any social networking profiles (such as Twitter and Facebook) you belong to. Underneath each of your site and blog links write a brief summary describing your website, and a few descriptive keywords. Most social networks, bookmarking services, and other places online where you can promote yourself, require this. It will save you a lot of time if you have it organized neatly into an easily retrievable notepad document.


Here are some ideas for other documents you can create.



Artist Biography and Artist Statement

An artist statement and bio that is easily retrievable should be copied into one single document.  Also include a short 3 or 4 sentence summary of your artwork there and a short “about me” statement. 


Html Snippets

A document for any html snippets will be a good idea. At some sites online, they allow you to enter html code for your artist bio. With some text bolded, pictures and links included, and organized, your bio will look much more professional. You can do most of this in a good WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, but sometimes a basic knowledge of html can really come in handy.  If you do not know how to apply those to the source code, just do a search on Google for help. I plan on doing a basic html tutorial here at a later time.

You may also want to include html for any widgets, or sharing buttons you use, here or in a separate documents.



Collect passwords for art sites and social networks you sign up to. If you are not he only one using your computer, you may want to password protect the notepad document by putting it in a folder (for Windows 7 and XP) and password protecting the folder.



As time goes on, you will have documents in of all kinds. Just so your desktop don’t get too cluttered place them all in one folder. Have this folder in an easily seen place on your desktop.

It may be a good idea to backup your documents on a flash drive or external hard-drive regularly. If you lose them, you may have to start over again.


Notepad is only one resource to save your information. What do you use for this purpose?

If anyone has any other suggestions for use of notepad as a timesaver, please let me know by commenting below.

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