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  1. Hello, I just signed with (sell with us marketplace)that you offer
    on your site. I am artist like to paint on emu eggs, and ostrich eggs. I place all my infor in and thought I would be able to login right away, but I was unable to. Does it take 24hrs before I am able to login. I was able to give my website address or answer any other questions you have.

    Please help me
    Thank you

  2. @Dorene
    Hi Dorene..

    I didn't receive your request.. can you try again? ... or you can join Meylah and send me your username. Then, I will send you an invite to join.


  3. Hi Graham,

    I just signed up with Meylah and now I am sending you my username:
    Please send me a invite to sell hand painted eggs on your site.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    art lovers + art makers = art grovers

    Build your network of art lovers and communicate with them.
    Access artworks, creativity and knowledge.


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