Facebook Like ArtPages for Facebook is great way for artists to gain an online presence through a network of 500 million users, and beyond.

If you are an artist who wants to promote art online, or even just to display it, Facebook pages are a solid choice. Having an artist fan page will keep your art separate from your personal profile, since people can choose to “like” you without becoming a friend.

The Benefits of Facebook Fan-Pages for Artists

  • It helps to bring more exposure for your art, getting it out there for more people to see.

  • Having a Facebook page will make you appear more professional and established in the public eye.

  • You can easily post updates on the wall. These may included gallery showings, new artworks, art awards, and anything else that you may want to let your followers about.

  • The events feature can be used to create excitement and build-up for an art gallery show, or presentation of your artworks.

  • Having a page is a good way of getting more people to your website or blog. Do this by having a link to your site on the fan-page, and having a link to your page on your site. A badge can be placed on your art site or blog, serving this purpose. Then, visitors to your site can “like” your page without even going there.

  • Insights” gives various reports and information about the visitors to your art page, and how they are interacting with it.  Knowing the types of people that are commenting and sharing will help to realize and focus on these certain groups, to promote your art.


A Step by Step Walkthrough for Creating Artists Fan-pages


Sign into your Facebook account. If you do not have one, just signup for one.

Then check out the link at the very bottom of your profile, like the one in the image.

It says "Create a Page"

Click on this…


Pages for Facebook Artists


UPDATE! Find the "Create a Page" link by going to your Facebook home page. On the left, near the Pages heading, click "MORE". At the top of the page which appears, you will see the Create a Page button.


Here you are presented with a few options for your type of page.


If it is an artist page you are setting up, then choose "Artist, Band, or Public Figure", which appears in the bottom left, as in what you see below.



Facebook Artist Page


Now, you get to choose the category for your page. I have already picked the obvious choice for artists in the image right here.

Art Tips: Choose a title that is representative of you and your art, and is easy to remember.


Facebook Art Artpromotivate Promotion


Now you are ready to organize your artist fan-page with all the information relating to yourself.

Proceed with the steps that follow…

  1. Choose a quality profile photo. This may be one of your favorite creations or a badge.
  2. Facebook allows users to email all your contacts directly from the page.
  3. There is space to place basic information. It’s a good idea to input a link to your blog or website if you have one. There is also a spot to write a short description of yourself and art. One suggestion is to place your artist statement or biography here.

    Artist Page Create Facebook


After your artist page is completely setup, the first course of action should be to go into settings. Go through ““Manage Permission”,  “Settings”,and “Basic Information”, and add more things about you. If you notice, in “Settings” one can create a unique username after receiving at least 25 likes.

I have a great tip for using this username at:

How to Get Likes for Facebook Pages

Another great thing to do as soon as you can is to create a Welcome Page. I explain all about Welcome Pages, and how to set one up with Pagemodo here…

How to Create Welcome for Facebook Page


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial… and I hope you all receive loads of “likes” for your pages!!


Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you like!

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