Facebook Art PromotionFacebook Timeline will be released for all Facebook members very soon. I’ve found that there are many dislikes for the new layout.

The changes are drastic! The whole layout is changed, along with the way people use it.

I personally like the changes, but they may not be for everyone. 

In regards to artists online, the most important thing they can have is a method of presenting their art to others… and if setup correctly, Facebook Timeline can help to serve that purpose!


I already discussed how artists can use Facebook pages to display and promote artworks, and build relationships with artists and buyers.


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Promote Art With Facebook Timeline


Artworks in the Timeline Cover

The Timeline Cover can be changed to any image of your choosing. I chose one of my colorful paintings for mine, but may go back later and change it. If proficient with Photoshop, you can create something visually stunning.

There are a few places online where Timelines can be designed already. My favourite of these is Cover Canvas.

The main feature I like about Cover Canvas is that it allows me to combine a bunch of my artworks, in a layout of my own choosing, along with my name.

So designed properly, the cover can be a great introduction image to all the photographs of your drawings, paintings, etc. in your activity log… which I will talk about next.


Using Activity Log as Your Personal Art History


The Activity Log includes all your posts since you started using Facebook. You can literally go way back to first when you signed up, and see what you posted since then.


The main thing that caught my eye was that posted images and videos stand out. It reminds me of looking at old photo albums or scrapbooks!


Looking through all my own posts from years ago, I could see a visual progress of my art through time.

I recommend going through your old postings and getting rid of any you don’t want there.


Life Events as Artist Biography

With Life Events, one can record important and pivotal events in their life. This includes things such as marriage, birth of a child, and achievements.

Using this, artists can record gallery showings, awards, education, work history, and more… all accompanied with photos!


Steps to Promote Your Art With Timeline on Facebook


So, I will summarize some practical steps you can take to use Timeline as an art promotion tool.

  1. Make a visually appealing timeline cover, something that represents the entire scope of your art.

  2. Use a good photo of yourself for the profile picture.

  3. Feature a particular artwork or post by pointing at a particular story with your mouse, then clicking the star. There are even options in the pencil icon to hide the post, add a new location or time, or to delete it forever.

  4. Go through all your old posts and delete any you do not want.

  5. When you post personal things that you don’t want shared with art contacts, use a custom privacy setting.


Art Tips: Some may prefer to have two Facebook accounts, one for online art, and the other for personal use.


What do you think of Facebook Timeline?

What are your opinions of Facebook’s new Timeline? Do you think it’s better, or that Facebook should have stayed with the old profile?


Please post your comments below.

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  1. I like it too... I like the way the images are much larger, and that something can be featured easily.


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