Our first artist spot-lite features a visual artist  from Italy, Davide Barbanera. It has been a pleasure to view Davide’s artworks, and to learn about what inspires him.

Please read on to hear his story and see some of his amazing creations.


Davide Barbanera - Abstract and Geometric Minimalism



Please tell our art-blog visitors a little about yourself

I love always to synthetize my story with this Phrase by Aristotle: " To exercise freely one's own talent: here the happiness "




What was your first contact with art as a child?

My first experience on art is when I was Child
in the school playing with some pastels

What is your motivation and inspiration for your abstract art?

The beauty of Nature


gemetric-minimalismWho are your main influences in the art world?

In the beginning my first influence had been Marc Chagall with his dreaming pictures , then my main source of inspiration was and is Paul Klee, Joseph Albers, Mark Rothko



Can you describe your particular style to our art blog readers?

My style is essentially abstract and geometrical minimalism


What  are the primary themes for your art?

The Nature and Wonderful and secret silence


What offline methods you have used to promote your art?

I market my art with my friends, relative, but also into the galleries during some exhibitions


What helpful ways have you found to market your artworks online?

The main way to promote my art is in the network like Linkedin, Facebook and throughout mail



nel-parco-dell-armoniaThree words that describe me…

silent, absorbed, contemplative






What advice you can give to emerging and aspiring artists?

Keep going hearing your inner voice


We would like congratulate Davide for being selected for our first featured Spotlite Artist and taking the time to answer our questions.


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Readers can view Davide Barbanera’s geometric minimalist artworks at his artist profiles: Equilibriarte.net and Artinvesta

Please support Davide on Facebook at Davide Barbanera Artist

*Please respect that all paintings are copyright Davide Barbanera, and may not be copied or shared elsewhere without his permission.

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  1. B"H I love Davide's work. He describes himself as 'silent, absorbed, contemplative' and his personality comes through in his work. There is nothing harsh or aggressive in his work - it is sheer poetry of 'Nature and Wonderful and secret silence'. That we should all listen to our 'inner voice' and, for me as a religious Jew, the voice of G-d. That Davide was initially inspired by Chagall interests me, as Chagall is a great inspiration to me in my work, which is about Jerusalem and Jewish life and celebrations.


Thank-you for your comment!