Last time I showed you all how to set up a blog for your art on Blogger.

If you are interested in this you can find it here…

How to Set Up a Blogger Blog for Art


For myself, blogging about art has been a very rewarding experience. Through it, I give my readers insights into my thought process when producing artworks, helping them easily understand the points I am trying to express. (Graham Matthews Art)

Below, I have seven ways you can use to create quality, attractive art blog posts. These are things that will help to engage your readers, make them interested in what you have to say, and entice them to come back and read more of your writings.


7 Ways to Create Captivating Artblog Posts


Ask yourself “Who is my audience?”

“Who am I trying to reach with my posts?” What you write about and how you present it will be different depending on if you are just writing for yourself, other artists, art buyers, or as a way of presenting your art to the world as a whole.


Having a Good Descriptive Title

If you are writing about a certain artwork for your artblog, the title often includes the name of the artwork.

Some ideas of what to add to that:

A medium such as “Oil on Canvas”
Your name… “by YOURNAME”
Descriptive words – some examples “Abstract Art” and “My Recent Creation”

Art Tips: To get ideas, look at other art blogs to see what titles they use.


Use a Good Introduction

Have your introduction limited to 3 or 4 sentences that summarize what you are writing about. Make it interesting and captivating so that your readers will want to read what comes next. A good simple technique is to simply ask questions in the introduction, or you can give some background history to the artwork you are about to write about.


Have Your Post Formatted

Formatting can be done in the Blogger post editor.

Here are a few tips to make your art posts look very appealing:

  • Use elements like bold, underline, and italics.
  • Make use of heading tags to organize sections of your art blog posts.
  • Use lists and blockquote when needed.
  • Space paragraphs accordingly.
  • Make your artwork the central focus of the post, by having it inline with your text or at another prominent position.

Use Photos of Your Art

To do this…

  • Taking a good photograph of your artworks.
  • Manipulating it in Photoshop or similar digital editing program.
  • Uploading it to a photo sharing app to get your art online (examples: Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket)
  • From there you can transfer the photo to your blog.

This may seem time consuming, but can be shortened considerably by transferring all the art photographs you have to your sharing app. From then on, you will only have to retrieve the photo from the website.


Give Descriptive Words in Your Art Blog Posts

This will better describe the artwork you are writing about, and make it more understandable to readers. To find good descriptive words, go to and type in a specific word.

You will get a list of words there that can be helpful to writing a good post.

Here is a list of some words that might be helpful…

  • 31 Days to a Better Blogimaginative
  • analytical
  • moving
  • balanced
  • provocative
  • elegant
  • beautiful
  • meticulous
  • challenging
  • symmetrical
  • powerful
  • energetic
  • critical
  • captivating
  • bold
  • flowing

This helps to illustrate your artworks and engage your readers.


Make Your Writing Unique!

This is a blog about you and your art. Write about what drives you to create, why you love to paint, draw, etc., and who inspires you the most. Give readers insights into who you are as an artist.

Make them want to come back for more!

Thank-you for reading, and I hope I have inspired you all today to create more intriguing, engaging blog posts!

If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment.


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  1. Graham, I hope you can help me. I have created several blogs at but today I'm having difficulty. If I go to "new post" or "editor" all I get is a blank page. Similarly my blogger dashboard is blank. I've tried a number of the help menus but can't seem to get an answer that works. I was going to send this request directly to you via e-mail but I can' seem to find your address.

  2. @TurtleCreek Art Glass
    What browser are you using?... The problem might be caused by recent browser addons... I'm not sure if this will work but it's worth a try... also, you may have to clear your browser cookies...

    Have you made any changes to the blog settings recently?

  3. Graham,
    I'm using Internet Explorer. I didn't do anything different between one day when I could get to the blogger dashboard and input a new blog and the next day when I couldn't.

  4. @Eleanor Brownridge
    Hi Eleanor,

    I'll email you in a minute and try to help..


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