Are you an artist who wants to create a Facebook page to promote art? Do you already have a page on Facebook, but are struggling to get fans and “likes”.

As many of you may already know, getting people to your profile or page to view artwork that you have created is not an easy task. There can be quite an amount of work involved if you do not know where to look.

I have here a few tactics I use to draw visitors to my Facebook art page, and some methods I use to entice them to “like'” the page.


Great Tips to Obtaining Likes for Facebook Pages


Share your page with your Facebook friends

Share your page with all your friends on Facebook. Also, send an email to contacts right from your Facebook artist page. This can be done when you first create the page, and will help to garnish a few likes right away.



Have a great profile pic


You can use one of your best artworks, a logo, or simply a clear photograph of you.

Art Tips: Use the same profile photo that you use in other places on the internet, or you can create a new one that you will use often in the future. Try not to change the photograph. People will eventually come to recognize you across the internet just by seeing your picture.


Put the “Like” button for Facebook on your webpage or blog

Create your own Website!This can be found here...   Facebook Like Button 

Just follow the easy instructions to set it up. If you need any help with that, please let me know in the comments section.


Share your artpage with artgroups on Facebook


There are quite a few of these and they are easy to find. Just go Google search, and type in "art groups facebook" or just "art group" in the Facebook search bar at top of your homepage.

Art Tips: The best practice is to include more than just a link. If you want to attract attention, include one of your artworks too, along with a friendly comment. The group members will appreciate that much more, since they are used to seeing “just links'” on their group walls.


Use your Facebook photos to promote art page


If you notice, a description can be added to each album and individual artwork picture. A link that is clickable can go here too! Facebook automatically does this after you fill in your description. Just include your Facebook page link there, along with the description.


Have a username for your page


After you get 25 likes, you can create an original username, which can make your page easy to remember. Just go to “edit page” and then “basic information” to set this.

Karen Wroe shared this awesome tip.


another tip it to create a username for your page, that way whenever you comment on a post you can put@username and it automatically creates a hyperlink to your page.


Signup for a Welcome page


If you have a welcome page setup, viewers will see this before viewing anything else on your artpage. It makes a great first impression to visitors. I prefer Pagemodo since they have lots of options, and it’s very easy to setup. I have an easy to follow tutorial on setting up a welcome page at Pagemodo here…

How to Create Welcome for Facebook Page

This is purely optional. Some artists prefer to have the wall as the first page that is seen.


Find other artist pages on Facebook to like


Some may be appreciative enough to like your page too. The whole point of having your art online is to build relationships, and contacts. The more relationships you build on Facebook, the more your page will be shared across the the Facebook empire.


Use various search engines to send your page


Every single day hundreds of thousands of people are online and do a search for art or artists. Some are art buyers, others want to sell art or are just interested in meeting new and interesting artists. Having your page listed will give you more exposure and many more likes!

Art Tips: Do a search on Google for places to submit your art page. Search for “submit site free” or a similar phrase.


Round Harbour

Round Harbour
Acrylic on Masonite
2’ by 3’
By Graham Matthews

I hope this has helped all of you to get more people liking your Facebook art page. If you have a Facebook page, please share it below and I will visit it and give you  complimentary “like”.

Do you have any advice for getting Facebook likes you would like to share? Please kindly post them in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you for all the tips, they are very helpful! My facebook page to view my art is under the name noella richard artist.e

  2. @Anonymous

    Thank-you! I will check out your Facebook page!

  3. Thanks for all the tips and tricks...
    My Fb fan page is Everyone is welcome...
    'like' and I will 'like' you back...
    I have my page set to twitter also anything I write automatically uploads and I have received likes that way as well..
    another easy tip is when someone likes on the left of their fan page click see likes a box opens of everyone they like... and from there you can LIKE< LIKE <LIKE click click click :o)
    I totally agree it's all about exposure...

    1. I liked your page here is mine ;)

  4. @Joszie

    Thanks! I just liked your Facebook page.. like the art!

    Thanks for the helpful tips!

  5. Graham I enjoyed the tips. Most of them I have already done. Still working on getting many more. If you get a chance, feel free to check out my page and share. Artistic Creations by John Delaney - Artist. On facebook of course. haha. Thanks. Have a creative day!


  6. @Anonymous

    Thanks John!

    I just looked at your Facebook page, and gave you a "like"

    Awesome artworks!

  7. Thanks for the tips! visit my website at or facebook fan page

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  9. I'm not sure if you've 'liked' my F.B. page - if you already have - my apologies. I've 'liked' your page.

  10. @Chana Helen
    I think I liked it already, but must have been signed in as my page... so I just liked it again as myself! Have no trouble liking the art again... it's so "likeable"!!

  11. Thank you, Graham. It is very helpful.

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  13. I'm still a bit unclear on what a 'like' accomplishes on Facebook. Still new to Facebook.

    Thanks very much for posting this site. It's very helpful! Good work!

  14. @Ross Michaels
    Hi Ross,

    A Like is similar to a Twitter follower, or subscriber to a blog. When someone likes the page, they are agreeing to stay updated with the page.

  15. @Dom Bittner Art
    Hi Dom,
    I am honoured to like your page... I will be posting more tips on getting Facebook likes... watch for them!

  16. Thanks for some actual tips. So far all I have found is how to create a fan page, not promote it!

    I have a list of 20 things to do on my fan page for once I get a reasonable amount of fans, but need help to get them first, being a new page.

  17. Thanks Graham Matthews! This is my FB page: Take a look please! I appreciate any suggestions! Thanks! Valeriya

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  23. I just started my facebook fan page and would appreciate all the support I can get to continue doing what I love :)
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  24. Thank you very much for the tips. Yes I needed a lot of help to promote my art. Here's my fb page

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