Art is such a personal experience for many. Many artists, myself included, sometime find it difficult to talk about and explain the meanings and themes within their artworks. But, as artists we have to speak about our art in order to sell and promote them. Art buyers generally will not buy anything they do not understand.


So, in order to market and sell our artworks, we have to explain them in the best way we know how.

How does an artist explain to others what their art is all about? We will discuss how to do this effectively, thus increasing your chances of a successful sell.


How to Effectively Talk About Art


  • Write down what your art is about

    In order to articulate what to explain to others, artists should first write about it. Include your processes while creating, influences, techniques, primary themes, your mediums, and whatever else you may think of that pertains to your art. Getting this all on paper will help you focus on what points you want to emphasize for presenting art to others.

  • Practice talking in front of a mirror

            In order to sell art, the buyer has to see you are passionate about it. Practicing speaking about your art in front of a mirror will help to explain, and focus on what needs to be said. Even use your usual body gestures and facial expressions when doing so.

    You learn to see yourself as they see you.

  • Speak about how your art relates to them

    Generally, art buyers will not purchase anything that they cannot relate to. For this, you have to know something about your buyer. If its a friend or acquaintance, then this step should be easy. If its a complete stranger, who you know nothing about, it’s best to ask them what they like about it, then you can talk about these parts.

    Create your own Website!Always be positive, and explain your art to them in a way that makes them want to buy it.

  • Show your bio, portfolio, artist statement

    Having this prepared and on hand will help you immensely.  The art buyer will get a good idea of where you stand as an artist, and what experience you have.

    We will speak about how to write artist biographies, and artist statements, along with how to create a good portfolio, in an upcoming article.

  • Never try to pressure someone into buying your art

    Most will be turned off from buying if they think that your emphasis is on selling the artwork. Only speak about price and how many you sell if asked.

    Keep your focus on your artwork, and how it relates to the buyer.


Hopefully, using some of these tips will help you talk about your art, and sell them. If you are shy or nervous about speaking about your art, this advice should definitely help you.


Do you have any tips or encouragement concerning speaking about art which you would like to share with our readers?


Please share your comments and advice below…

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