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Would you like a reciprocal link exchange with ArtProMotivate  - a blog about art promotion and helping artists from everywhere promote their artworks online and offline.

The Advantages of a Reciprocal Link Exchange

Link-exchanges builds backlinks to your art website or blog. The more backlinks, the better, since your site will be found more by art buyers, other artists, and people interested in art.


When a link exchange is performed, people may also visit your artist website from another. This allows you to reach a much wider audience for your art, and is highly recommended for online art promotion.


For example, say John Doe who had an art-blog named John Doe Art, contacted us and wanted to exchange links. He would place our link for ArtProMotivate on his site, and we would place his link for John Doe Art on ours. Then visitors to his blog may go to our art blog through his link, and vice versa. In this way, both will benefit.  



Rules for Exchanging Links with this Art-blog


  1. To get in this list,  sites or blogs submitted must be ART related! This could include an art promotion – art motivation site such as this one, artist profiles, art review sites, art related forums and message boards, and sites that include your online portfolio. If your website does not fit into these categories, and still has art as the main focus, send it anyway.
  2. If you genuinely like our site, and you do not want to do a link exchange, please consider supporting us by placing our widget on your site.  The widget is located at the bottom right side of this page.

    Your support is much appreciated!  

  3. You must have original content on your website. Applicants that showcase and review other people’s artwork are ok, as long as the content does not appear elsewhere on the web. Requests for link exchanges from websites with plagiarized or scraped content will be denied!

  4. Please send your link in the comments below, and we will review it. Try to include a short description, along with the name of your art website or blog.

  5. Include a link for the page that includes our link, so that we can verify that it is there.

  6. Then we will include your art blog or website in the list below, and contact you with the page where it is on this site, so that you can verify it for yourself.
  7. All artists are welcome to submit! Whether your focus is painting, fine art drawing, digital imaging art, collage art, arts and crafts, and more. If you create and showcase or talk about it on your site, them please consider yourself included!

Here is the information for you to include.


Title: ArtProMotivate


Free tips and tutorials for all online artists to promote and sell art online, articles on motivation , promotion, how to attract art buyers, featured Artist Spotlite, and more.



Use the code below, if you prefer to use html.


ArtProMotivate - <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Art Promotion” rel=”art promotion”>Art Promotion</a> 



List of Art Related Websites and Blogs


  • [NEW Art Websites are at the TOP!]
  • Artisan HQ Free Video Art Tutorials
  • Jim Ziemer Art
  • Chanehelen – I am a Jewish artist who loves to paint the life and celebrations of Jews, especially in Jerusalem, where I spend a great deal of my time sketching and getting ideas for my art work. Art of Jeruselem, featuring Jewish themes in watercolours, prints and sketches.
  • Coming Abstractions - Glass Art, abstract art, paintings, and more by JJ Jacobs
  • Francene Levinson
    Paper Sculptures by Artist Francene Levinson transform modular 3d Origami into beautiful museum quality fine art.
  • Ella Loves to Art
    A personal artblog of a 20-something girl in the Philippines
  • artsyfartsyme
    Art blog about Jaime Haney’s journey as an artist
  • Jaime Haney
    Jaime Haney’s official website
  • My Art and Me
    Marsha Savage art blog
    Paintings, art and artist articles, art discussions – oil, acrylic, pastel processes.
  • Marsha Savage
    Paintings by a Georgia artist.
  • Craig Robb Sculpture Studio
    Currently, my site is set up to act as a portfolio for collectors, galleries, consultants, etc to visit and review my artwork, resume and philosophies.
  • Uri Cohen – Painter Artist
  • Zucco Fine Art Gallery
    This online gallery presents a unique collection of artwork from three generations of painters from one family. Artists Jennifer Ann Zucco, Kitty Zucco and Weston Morley Geety have created seascape, landscape, floral, figurative and animal artwork.

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  1. Dear Artpromotivate,
    my name is Immo Jalass. I just put a backlink to you on
    Please ckeck out.
    Thank you

  2. @Immo Jalass

    Thanks.. but your link is placed incorrectly.. clicking on it leads to a 404 page not found error

  3. Hi,
    My name is Nadine Jeanneton, an artist from Mauritius.
    This is a link to my website:

    Link to your Page:
    Is this good enough for you?

  4. @Chana Helen

    Thanks so much! I will be adding your link here shortly.

  5. we would like to meet u.s. artists for exchange with europe. check out and for more.
    best regards.

  6. John R. Math

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis.

    Your link is here:

    Thank you!

  7. @Jim Ziemer
    Thanks Jim... I will place your link here in a bit..

  8. @Karen Smith
    Hi Karen... the link you have does not link to my site...

  9. Please include my website:
    Art by Leon Sarantos: Original art, Exhibit news, Honors and Awards

    I’ve added a link to Artpromotivate on the left side of my web site in the BlogRoll section

  10. Here's my link
    Thank you!:)
    J. Beaudet Studio

  11. I did link exchange in past months and yes this is a useful way to promote your art. Even you can search some good online art work website which allows you to upload your art work and that is also a good way to promote speedy.

  12. I am a 29 year art teacher and artist from arkansas , I am also on the arkansas artist registry. Please include my link on your site I am goin to include yours. my blog spot is about making techniques and sellig art hope you like it.

  13. Thanks for sharing this useful info. Check it on: youtube promotion


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