sell-art-printsI would like to tell you about some of the interesting features at Fine Art America for artists. Even if you are already a member, this post may help you.

I have some helpful tips regarding Fine Art America groups below, that may help in your art promotion efforts.

If you are not a member already, please read this helpful tutorial on setting up a free account:

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Quick Tour of Fine Art America’s Features for Artists


Settings on your profile menu at Fine Art America:


  • Images of your artworks
    Click the “edit” button to enter keywords, title, medium, and description. A price for the original can be set here, though you are responsible for the sale. Go through all the categories, and make sure to set your prices and artwork categories.

  • museum-masterpiecesGalleries
    Go to the galleries tab to create a new gallery. Fill in the name and description, and add the images that you have already uploaded. Click “Submit” when you are finished here.

  • Events
    Here you may enter any information about art events, presentations, and gallery showings, to share with the Fine Art America community.

  • Blog
    With the blog artists can write about their art an keep others updated on new artworks.

  • Favorites
    A list of your favorite artworks by other Fine Art America members will be posted here.

  • Watch List
    This area contains a list of other artists that you follow. You can keep up to date with any Fine Art America member by clicking the “Watch” link on their profile.

  • artist-networkGroups
    Groups are great for interacting with other artists on Fine Arts America. This page lists the art groups that you belong to.

    Here are some helpful tips for Fine Art America groups.

    • Go to the “Groups” tab at the top of any page to see suggested groups and search for new ones to join.
    • Under the heading Recently Active Groups, click “View All” to get a larger list. Check out the recent activity and number of members for each, and join large, active art groups. Also join groups related to the art that you create.
    • When you find a group you are interested in, click “Join Group” on the right. Be sure to read the posting limitations for each group. Some groups only allow a certain number of image additions daily.
    • Click the images tab in the group to choose artworks that you would like to add to the group.
    • Participate in discussions. There are often posts here to enter your Facebook page, and sometimes even to enter blog and website links. It helps to post in a few discussions, since everytime you do, your profile picture appears, which is actually linked back to your Fine Art America profile.
    • Check out the contests tab to enter art contests that the group may be holding.
      Some of these come with great rewards for winners.

  • Press Releases
    Here you may enter submissions to the press, such as achievements and art shows.

  • Contests
    A list of contests you have submitted to appears here.

Behind the Scenes at Fine Art America


fine-art-americaFind this section by clicking the link at the top of your profile page, as shown in the image. This page is very handy for managing everything you do at Fine Art America.


Some essential things to do here:

  • Slideshows and Widgets – Create a slideshow to place on your website or blog.

  • buy-sell-artFacebook Shopping Cart – Set up a shopping cart for your art at Fine Art America on your Facebook page

  • Set your payment information (receive your payments through Paypal or cheque) and tax info if you are from the U.S.

  • There are many other great features here that you can review at your leisure. 


It is recommended for you to check out the FAQ for more information and to answer any questions you may have.


Share your Fine Art America Profile With Us


If you have any questions, or would like to share your Fine Art America link with us for everyone to visit and support, please post it in the comments section.

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