Like many online artists, I have used slideshows often to display artworks on websites and profiles. Every major photo sharing application (Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) has an option to install a slideshow on your website. Below, I will show you a simple way of making a video slideshow with One True Media, and then transferring the video to Youtube. You do not even have to learn how to use video montage software in order to create a video for Youtube. There are plenty of useful websites for making a video with pictures and music for free, but the one we will be focusing on here is One TrueMedia.

As I mentioned several times on here, Youtube can be a valuable resource for artists if used effectively. Please read these articles to learn more about how this video sharing service can help in art promotion and selling art.

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Drawings by Graham Matthews


Make a Video Slideshow of Art With Onetrue Media


one tru media

One True Media Signup

Firstly, click on “Create  New Video”
After clicking “Upload”, choose the artwork image files from your computer, or you may pick them from albums on Facebook or Flickr.

  I chose 12 artworks for the slideshow videos that I created. You can choose less if you want the duration of each art slide to be longer in length. Upload the artwork images and patiently await the “Upload Successful” message. 


Set the time duration of each of the video slides


video slidesAll the images that you chose for your slideshow should be shown on the page.

Choose “Edit all”, and set it as shown on the left.


I chose 3 seconds for my duration. The slides are fast and only a glimpse of each one are shown. I may create a better one soon using Windows Live Movie Maker. In this one, I plan on showing much more of my art, for a longer duration between each slide. 

The total length for the free video cannot be any more than 30 secs, so be sure to not go over.


The next step involves creating a text slide for your slideshow. The link for this is seen at the top.

youtube video


Create any text of your choosing for the slide. A “call to action” is normally placed at the end of videos on Youtube.  That is, asking viewers to visit your art blog or artist website, or the link you have in your Utube video description. I set my duration to 6 seconds for the text slide, and placed it at the end of my video by clicking “end of sequence”. Save again when finished.


Adjusting art slide properties and adding music to your One True Media video.

The properties of each image can be adjusted. Some of this is not really necessary for such a short video, but it helps to be familiar with the settings. Each slide can have text, a different transition, and their own visual effects. The image zoom and rotation can also be adjusted here.

Save again when completed with this step

Click “preview”, and you will be presented with a page to add music. Adding a music track helps to make your video even more interesting, and viewers are more likely to watch it again at another time.


Broadcasting your art video to Youtube

Finally, the time has come to broadcast your video to Youtube.

Click on “Share online” and choose Youtube.

Now you have the opportunity of choosing your keywords, description, and title. This is a very important step, so please give it some thought.

  1. Slideshow video title – Choose one that is descriptive of your art, and contains phrases that people normally search for. The Adwords keyword tool to help here, as well as with choosing relevant keywords.
  2. Description – Try to include phrases that describe what your art is about and what style or type of art it is. At least 100 words is recommended. A link to your artist website or profile should be included right at the end, so interested people can visit.
  3. Keywords – Pick no more than 10 words or short phrases separated by spaces. Phrases should be in between “quotes”.

Pick the category that is most relevant to your Youtube video, then click “post”.


Abstract Paintings by Graham Matthews


Closing advice:

Promote your Youtube slideshow like you would for any other link. Share it with your network of friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Post the video on your artist website, or blog. The more your viewers increase, the more popular it will become on Youtube, so always promote the Youtube video, not the OneTrueMedia one.

Promote Art with VideoThese videos are very simple, and are only meant to be a short representation of your collection of artworks. The most important purpose it serves is to draw others to your online art gallery, where they can view more of the art you produce. The main drawback is the One True Media ad that appears, but that’s not a big deal.

One True Media is really recommended for those who want to create short videos for free fast, without much effort.

Soon, I will show you how you can make slideshows of your own, at any length, without the advertisement.

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  1. This is so cool. I can't wait to try it!

  2. Your directions were great! I just posted my video on YouTube!

  3. This is very helpful to the artist. Uncertain as to the cost of the "One True Media" to do a video...or if a minimal free one but is a good way to begin. Thanks!

  4. This is very helpful to the artist. Uncertain as to the cost of the "One True Media" to do a video...or if a minimal free one but is a good way to begin. Thanks!

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