sharing-art-onlineDo you have an artist website, art blog, or artist profile, that you want to share with the world? Sharing it with others will ensure you receive more visitors and contacts.


But, where do artists share their websites on the internet?

We will show you some great places to promote your art site and give you a few popular examples to aid you in art promotion.




Sharing your artist profile URL anywhere you can…

The more places you place your link, the more people will find you. There are many websites online for art promotion. Here are a few places where you can start in sharing your art with others on the internet.

  • Social networks, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Myspace

    Wherever you have an artist profile online, whether it be social networks or online gallery sites, place your website or art blog there. Whenever you have an update, notify them of that too.


  • Online bookmarking services

    There are many on the internet, but the major services are very worthy of posting. You may receive may visitors using this method.

    Some examples of  good services to bookmark your website are Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Chime-in, and Friendfeed.

  • Artist forums

    Create your own Website!There are many online! Simply do a search on Google for “artist forums” to find lots of great artist communities.

    First, read the specific rules for the artist forum. Then, simply look for your settings to add a signature line.

    After this is completed, introduce yourself in the new user thread. If you post there regularly, relationships will be forged in the art community, and many will visit your art website through the art forum.
  • On other art blogs

    When you leave a comment at another blog, you can sometimes insert your website instead of a name. If visitors like what you have to say, they may want to know more about the one who wrote it, and visit your art blog or website.
  • In your email sig line

    If you have your art website link there, whenever you send out an email to someone, they may see it at the bottom of your emails.

    Many people may visit your art site in this way, especially the contacts where you regularly send emails.
  • Through link exchanges with related artist websites

    Many visitors to your website may arrive from the other art site.

    To apply for a link exchange with ArtProMotivate and Graham Matthews Art, please visit these pages.

    ArtProMotivate Reciprocal Link Exchange
    Graham Matthews Art Links
  • Getting your website ranked on Alexa

    Download the Alexa Toolbar.

    This link is for the Chrome version, but Firefox and Internet Explorer versions are available at that site too (near the bottom of the page).

    With the Alexa Toolbar installed, everytime you visit a website, it gets ranked lower on Alexa.

    The lower the Alexa rank the better!

    This can work to your advantage, since visiting your own website also counts toward this rating.

    Go here to download the Alexa toolbar. Go through the steps of installing it. Usually the rating will not be seen right away.

    Go about your normal routine of surfing and visiting your own art site regularly. After a few days you should see a website rating there, but it’s usually very high in the beginning.

    Over time it will steadily decrease, and your website will become much more popular just by using Alexa.

    This is highly recommended!

These are just a few of the ways of sharing your artist website with others, and making it more popular for art promotion.

If you have any particular advice on this topic, feel free to share it with our readers below.

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