art-galleryBeing represented by an art gallery is the goal of many emerging artists, and rightly so. Your art will be seen in a much more presentable setting, with optimal lighting to enhance colors or decrease shadows.

Hopefully, if the gallery has lots of art buyer contacts, your art may be sold to collectors, and appear in places where it would not have been possible before.


But, in spite of these excellent positive points, there are some things independent artists should realize before searching out gallery representation.


In the coming days and weeks I will be covering several articles regarding galleries. I realize that many artists desire to show at a gallery, but may not know the correct way of going about it.

There are several things an artist must focus on even before seeking out a gallery.


So, in that regards, I will be focusing on topics about:


  • Attract GalleriesFinding a good gallery to represent your art.
  • Building an artist portfolio.
  • Writing an artist biography. (Artist Statement already covered)
  • Preparing for a gallery interview.
  • Building a body of artwork for an art show.
  • Getting ready for the gallery show opening.
  • Public speaking at your gallery showing.
  • Tips for transporting art to the gallery.
  • …and more!


Do you want to suggest a topic not covered here? Please do so in the comments section.


If you are one who has a unique view on the subject (or anything else art related) , why not write an original article for us. We will post it here along with a link to your art related site.


Questions to Ask Before Seeking Gallery Representation


Before seeking out a gallery, independent artists should ask themselves these essential questions.

  • Total Freedom of Web Design!Is my art suited to a gallery environment?
  • Can I keep up to the pace of consistently creating, that some art galleries require? In other words, do I have the time to commit to a gallery?
  • Can my art be easily transported, and if not, do I have the means to do so?
  • Are you willing to dramatically increase the price of your art? This may turn off many of your regular art buyers.
  • Are you willing to change the art you create to suit the gallery’s needs?
  • Do I want the gallery to represent my art in the way that they want?
  • Do I want to relinquish control of the marketing of my art to the gallery?


Next time I will be listing some of the advantages of gallery representation, along with advantages of being an independent artist, so stay tuned!

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