Steven Gordon Linebaugh
is an impressionist/realism painter and photographer from Texas, U.S. His stunning impressions of nature, in landscapes and night scenes, are primarily created with oils and pastels as mediums. Steven’s night scenes and reflections off the water make good use of composition and light, to capture an accurate and visually pleasing impression of a moment.

Come take a look at Steven Gordon Linebaugh’s artworks in this artist spotlight, and hear what he has to share with our readers about his inspirations, style, themes and art promotional advice.


Steven Gordon Linebaugh – Artist Spotlight - Landscapes/ Seascapes

  • Please give a little introduction of yourself for all our readers.

    I am a landscape/seascape painter and photographer originally from New Jersey now living in Texas. My love of nature and the outdoors is evident in my paintings. I love mysterious night scenes and the reflections of water, these two scenes are my specialties.

  • When did you first start out creating art?

    Steven Gordon LinebaughI was always drawing when I was very young. I have been creating things for as long as I remember, I can't pinpoint the first time but I do remember putting large pieces of paper that would cover my wall and using pastels-the freedom of working so large and watching the colors and shadows stretch across the wall was an amazing feeling. The walls didn't fare so well.

  • Who is the inspiration for creating your landscapes, seascapes, and night-scenes?

    I believe the gift to create is a divine gift. My inspiration is wildlife, the change of seasons and the mysteriousness of nature. I have had teachers in grammar school and friends and family also encourage me to continue my art. It has always been a part of my make up.

  • What artists have you been most influenced by?

    I love Monet and Van Gogh-I am very much impressed with the impressionists. I also like Robert Bateman and Manfred Schatz, these are my wildlife painters. I like Edward Hopper.

  • Please give a description of your particular art style. 

    Backyard Evening NightsceneI would consider my style a mix of impressionism and realism. I like expressionism as well and feel it comes through in some of the brighter colors and simpler unperfected images.

  • What themes do you focus on for your abstract and realism paintings?

    The themes I tend to focus on are water, reflections above and the clarity and ability to see the bottom of a stream or lake. Another theme that is constant is night scenes with moon play on water.

  • Do you care to share how you market your art offline?

    So far my methods of marketing have been through google plus and facebook. I have just recently gotten my website online and am looking for new ways to market.

  • What else have you done to promote your paintings online?

    At this point I have only been able to get friends to look at the artwork but I am improving the search engine optimization and increasing the scope of where the website might get viewed.

  • Three words that summarize what you are about.

    Creative, honest, intelligent

  • Do you have any additional advice for upcoming and emerging artists?

    Keep trying, always enlarging the scope and trying to get in front of as many people as possible and keep creating, as if you could stop.


We would like to congratulate Steven Gordon Linebaugh for being chosen for our artist spotlight.

Readers may find Steven’s landscape and seascape impressionist/realism paintings at his website Art by Gordon.

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