successful-artistAs artists, we naturally desire to have our artworks seen by others. This is what is needed to be successful as an artist.

But, many struggle, especially during the early years with being noticed by the public. Many ask, “How can I be famous if there are so many other artists to compete with?”

The answer is “You can!”, but with much effort on your part. It can be a struggle, but keep going, do not give up.



Produce art regularly, and work hard!

You will eventually get there, and the struggle will definitely be worth it!


How to Be A Successful Artist


  1. Create a focus for your art that you can relate to others

    art-focusBy focus, I mean something you feel passionate about. Maybe you feel strongly about global warming, the war in Iraq, or other social issues. Then produce art based on that. Some artists feel compelled to base their art on personal life events and feelings.

    No matter what the art is about, the main thing is that they can see how it relates to you. Not only that, but the public will eventually come to respect you for your honesty and integrity.


  2. Have a style all your own that others can identify.

    art-styleBe unique! Learning to develop a personal style can be very difficult for many artists. Some have their own unique approach from the outset, others have to work at it. The only way to create one is to produce lots of art in the way that you enjoy.

    Looking back at all your artworks, you should be able to identify several characteristic elements that distinguish your art from others. Those traits make your art unique, and it is common for art buyers to like art that they “have not seen anywhere else.”


  3. Work hard and don’t give up.

    create-artThe more you create, the larger your body of art becomes. If you do not have the time to consistently create, then try to schedule time. This can be difficult for some, but if you need some advice on the subject, please visit Ways to Attract Art Buyers and Sell Art.

    It is crucial in creating lots of art, to strive for the quality not quantity. If you can consistently produce art without sacrificing your expected quality, then that is fine. But, try not to pump out art just for the sake of selling more. This may do more harm than good in most cases, and your art career may suffer. It is very important to always produce art with integrity and honesty. If you keep doing this, along with the other tips here, we have no doubt that you will be a successful artist.


  4. Get your art seen.

    promote-artThis requires many steps that require much effort on your part, especially at the outset. But, don’t worry… you will eventually get there. Just take it one stage at a time, routinely setting time aside to promoting your art.

    There are many things an artist can do to get their artworks in the public eye. The obvious choice is to have gallery art shows and participate in group showings. Be an active member of local art organizations to show everyone that you care about art. Take part in art contests, and donate some pieces to worthy causes. Get your artworks online, through various methods, such as Facebook pages, Linked in, Google+ pages, and your own personal artist website.

I think becoming a successful artist is quite possible for anyone. I hope this article has made some of you realize that it can be done. We just have to be patient and keep our focus on producing the quality art that distinguishes us from others!


What are your thoughts? Do you think you will ever be a successful artist? If you already are, do you have any advice to share with our readers on how you got there?

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