jerusalem before shabbatFor today’s artist spotlite, we feature the inspiring Jewish and Jerusalem themed art of Chana Helen Rosenberg.


Read on as she tells us the inspirations behind her artworks. Visitors may explore more of Chana Helen’s watercolors, oil paintings, and lino prints at her website and Facebook pages listed below.


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Please introduce yourself to the readers of Artpromotivate

I am a British born Israeli. My art training was at Maidstone College of Art in the U.K.

After a long career in teaching I have seriously taken up my Art Work full-time. gaining much of my inspiration from my observations of Jerusalem life, where I spend a great deal of my time, and the Jewish celebrations which I take part in.


hachnasat sefer torahWhat are your mediums?

For some time I have been working in watercolours and lino printing.
Just recently I have started working in oils on large canvases as well.

Why do you create art?

I want to use my art training to share with others my love for Torah and Judaism and the Jewish way of life. I believe that everyone has a role to play in the world and that this is mine. I believe that I have been given a talent and that I should use it. I want others to see the good, the beautiful and the joyous things that I see.


Can you tell us about your main art influences?

Chagall for his poetry (and his Jewish themes), Breughel for his storytelling and Rembrandt for his sheer genius.

Do you make living with your art? 

No. I have sold a commissioned piece recently, and have sold a good number of poster prints, greetings cards and postcards. However, at the same time I’ve been buying a lot of art equipment and materials. I buy only artist’s quality materials.

Recently I have set myself up for oil painting which has been a big expense. At the moment I spend more on my art than I earn. Now that I have invested a lot of money in my art I do visualise my eventually making a profit, but probably not a living.


kabbalat-shabbat-jerusalemWhat are the subjects and themes for your artworks expressed through your medium?

I gain much of my inspiration from my observations of Jerusalem life and the Jewish celebrations which I take part in. I work from a combination of my sketches, memory, feelings and imagination. I love to use watercolours, especially for my rainy day paintings, and lino printing in black ink on white paper. Just recently I have started working in oils on large canvases as well.


How often do you create art?

I try to work at my art for 5 days a week, for 5 hours a day. I spend additional (countless) hours trying to promote my work. I keep a journal and record my work pattern. Friday I get ready for Shabbat, and Saturday is Shabbat, so on these two days I take a break.

How have you promoted your art?

I have a website – Chana Helen
I have two Facebook pages – Jerusalem Art
Nachlaot Art
I have a profile on Linkedin 

I have visited galleries in Jerusalem, and there is interest in my work. I have presented my work at venues in Jerusalem. Next month there will be an event at Nachlaor, in Jerusalem, to showcase my art. I an working on a long term plan (a year) to have an exhibition of my art in a gallery in Jerusalem.

Please summarize yourself in one sentence

I love life, and love doing my art.

Do you have any helpful advice for new and upcoming artists?

Have courage. Keep steadfast. Be true to yourself. Just do it!


Thank-you Chana Helen for the pleasure of featuring your art at Artpromotivate.

Chana Helen Rosenberg can be followed at her official artist website, Facebook pages, and Linkedin profile listed above, and on Google plus here… Chana Helen on Google+

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  1. Bs"d. Wonderful article about Chana Helen Rosenberg and her art! She's a very special person, also as a friend. I warmly recommend everyone to take a look at her website and other pages!
    Navah Verhoeven, Jerusalem.


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