deviantart groupsMost online artists have probably heard of Deviantart. It is the biggest site of its kind, showcasing art by over eighteen million artists of all styles from around the world.

Deviant art is not discriminatory at all about the quality or type of art exhibited there. Anyone 13 years and over can open a Deviantart account, and present their creations for all to see.

The work displayed is varied, including manga, body art (tattoos), literature, photography, paintings, sculpture, and more.



Deviant art can be especially useful for artists who take advantage of the groups feature. There are currently over 157,000 Deviantart art-groups, so artists should have no trouble finding appropriate categories for sharing their style of art.

Most groups allow a certain number of submissions daily. Posting regularly exposes art to a much wider and varied audience than any other similar site (ie Fine Art America). Actually, by exhibiting at Deviant art groups, many may visit the artist’s profile. Including a link at that profile pointing to an artists website is a commonly utilized method of drawing visitors and art buyers to a separate portfolio.


I will show you how to join and submit to groups, but first will explain how to create a new Deviantart profile.


How to Join Deviantart


deviantart artistsGo to

Enter a username, email, password, etc. and agree to the TOS.

Check your email, and verify.

The next page presents an opportunity to fill in the About you and Interests, and include a profile picture and avatar.

Click on each individual section to edit.

  1. About you
    Includes a name, country, website, and short bio

  2. Picture and Avatar
    This has a handy zoom feature to focus a section of a picture. The avatar can be the same as the profile picture, if desired.

  3. Interests
    Fill in the relevant boxes.


deviantart masterpieceYour profile masterpiece is complete!

Continue directly to your personal Deviantart profile.



Adding Deviantart Deviations


Newest Deviations

  1. Click the submit art button to upload an artwork. The file size is 30MB or under for artworks sent to the scrapbook and gallery.

  2. Give the deviation a title, category, description, and keywords.

  3. Click upload file to find the artwork on your computer.

  4. Add text allows the addition of a formatted message along with the deviation.

  5. A Creative Common license may also be used, to allow others to share your art elsewhere, while giving credit.

  6. Make sure the file is selected and click submit, and then review the terms.

  7. If utilizing Deviantart for selling prints, this page gives an opportunity to do so. Skip this page if not utilizing Deviantart for its print on demand services, by clicking View Deviation.


How to Join Deviantart Groups


deviantart groupsA link may be seen on the right side of the deviation page to join Deviantart groups.

If not belonging to any already, it is time to start joining a few.

Go to the groups page as shown in the image.

Select groups based on two criteria: number of watchers and style of art.



For example, if your art style is abstract painting, use that phrase while searching for groups.


Deviant Art Groups Tip

Instead of adding a full gallery at once, add one or two artworks per day. Share these with appropriate groups at Deviantart. This makes it easier to consistently gather a following. 

Others (Deviants) may visit your profile regularly to see what new art is on display.


List of Popular Deviant groups

  1. Touch People with your Art - Click Here!DeviantsGallery
  2. AllArtSupport
  3. Creation-Inspiration
  4. ShareArt
  5. TheDeviantArtGallery
  6. GetDailyDeviations
  7. GetWatchers
  8. UnseenArtists
  9. EliteArtists
  10. DA-Art-Gallery

Continue to explore Deviantart. This online gallery has so much to offer for artists of all genres. I will give more helpful Deviantart tips here soon, as well as an explanation of their print on demand service.

Do you have a Deviant art profile? Would you like to share your thoughts about Deviantart, with our readers?

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