facebook pages rssMany artists are using Facebook pages as a means of keeping fans updated of new artworks, art gallery shows, or whatever else they would like to share with fans. Facebook fan pages can be very effective when used simultaneously with art blogs. Blog posts may be easily shared by installing a Facebook share button, and using it to post updates.

But, this action has to be completed every time a new blog post is created. Have you ever wished the blog updates could be automatically posted to your Facebook fanpage, profile, etc.? This would certainly save much time and effort, time that could be spent in the studio creating art.


Well, there happens to be a convenient Facebook app called Rss Graffiti that allows automatic posting of blog updates through RSS or Atom, without even logging into your account. Rssgraffiti is also very handy for the sharing of Tweets, Youtube videos, Google+ posts, etc.

Basically, any site that include Rss or Atom feeds may be shared through Rss graffiti. The RSS feed may be posted on any Facebook wall, be it your profile, Facebook fan page, events, groups, and application profiles. Also, more than one feed can be setup to post on an individual wall. 

How does Rss graffiti apply to artists?

  • Artblogs – Artists who own artblogs can instantly post blog updates.
  • Youtube videos – Art videos of studio tours, tutorials, and slideshows can be shared.
  • Rss Graffiti Twitter Integration – Automatically post new tweets from Twitter.
  • Google+ – Posts shared on your Google plus stream may be cross-posted to Facebook.
  • Online gallery websites – Share new additions to print on demand sites such as Fine Art America.

Below is a full tutorial for setting up Rssgraffiti for a Facebook fanpage, profile or group.


Tutorial for Adding Rss Feed to Facebook Page using Rss Graffiti


  1. Go to Rssgraffiti at Facebook here.. Rss Graffiti

  2. Select “Go to application” and authorize the app on the next page.

  3. rssgraffiti setupA typical Facebook app request for permissions will pop up. Allow this also.

  4. Add Rssgraffiti to your Facebook fanpage, and grant permissions.

  5. Click “Add Feed”.

  6. Include the feed URL. If using Feedburner on an artblog, employ the Feed burner rss, found by logging into your Feed burner account. A simple way to retrieve the url is to right-click on the rss icon, and select “copy link address”.

  7. Source name
    The name of your artblog or website.

  8. Insert the source URL
    Touch People with your Art - Click Here!This is the site where the feed originates. Fill it in with the main website address. For Blogger, remove the “feeds/posts/default” part of the feed address to get the source url.  

  9. Set your post style to standard, compact or status updates.

  10. The same procedure can be used to add feed updates to Facebook profiles, groups, app profiles, events, and other Facebook pages.

  11. Twitter accounts may be connected by going to application settings.


The more I use Rssgraffiti, the more I cannot do without it.

It has helped me save a tremendous amount of time in posting artblog updates, and the few minutes spent setting it up was well worth it.

If you need any help in installing Rss graffiti, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. When I tried on 2 July 2012, RSS Graffiti came up with:

    RSS Graffiti has experienced an error

    Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch

  2. "RSS Graffiti has experienced an error. Click here to report the issue. Please include as much detail as possible, including the action that produced the error." What does it mean?

  3. Hi,
    I have a page linked to my account, and I want to do the setting such that whenever there is any update/comment on blog related to that page, using RSS graffiti, that page can update its own wall.
    But, when I logged in FB and was acting as that page, I couldn't access this app.
    What is the way to do this, when I want to post the updates on my page's behalf and not through me?


  4. ok so how do i include this on my page

  5. @Mike Lee
    It appears setup has changed siince I wrote the article and its now much easier.

    Create a new publishing plan at the top, add your source (RSS) and target (Facebook page).. then switch to ON.

  6. Thanks for your help, Graham. I successfully updated my facebook page with my blog.

  7. Thanks for descriptive tutorial, I am still confused how to use Rss Graffiti 2.0 ;(( . I am still unable to stick it with my website.

  8. I did everything, but the tab is not showing on my facebook page??

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