linkedin groupsLinkedin provides a groups feature whereby art professionals can connect with one another and take part in helpful discussions. 

I have been a member of a few amazing Linked in artist groups for a while now. They have helped immensely in networking with artist professionals from all over the world.

Now, I am ready to take on a new role, that of a Linkedin group owner.


All our updates from ArtProMotivate will be posted there from now on, as well as through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. 

To join our group on Linked in, please go here: APM at Linkedin

A tutorial for creating a Linkedin group is provided below.


How Artists can Create Groups at Linkedin


  1. Login to your Linked in account

  2. linkedin create groupGo to the Groups tab at the top of the page, and select create group, as shown in the image.

  3. Logo
    The logo cannot be any larger than 100kb and GIF, PNG, or GIF. These appear on Linkedin group pages, and in the Linkedin groups directory. If you do not have a good logo, consider visiting to create one.

  4. Group name
    Try to choose a good name that is descriptive of the content of the group, so that others can find it while searching.

  5. Group Type
    Choose the type of group, which may be either: professional, networking, alumni, conference, corporate, or nonprofit. Most art groups are either networking or professional.

  6. linkedin paintingSummary
    Provide a summary, which will display in the directory of Linked in groups. Relevant keywords are also important here.

  7. Description
    Try to provide a good description stating the role of the group. This will be displayed on your Linkedin artist group.

  8. Website 
    The website entered here will also appear on the groups page.

  9. Access
    Adjust these settings to your liking, depending on the amount of control you would like over others joining the artgroup.

  10. Set the primary language of the group.

  11. Location
    This does not have to be set if the group is intended to be worldwide.

  12. Twitter announcement
    Send a Twitter message about your new Linkedin group.

  13. Here, you may either click Open group or Member’s Only


Why are Linkedin Open Groups Better than Members Only?

  1. Anyone can see all discussions.
  2. The discussions are indexed by search engines.
  3. Posts can be shared on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Have the option to allow anyone to contribute. It is recommended this be set to be members only.


Sending Invitations for the Linkedin Arts Group


Here, email invitations may be sent to connections at Linkedin, and email contacts. There is a limit of 50 per day.

linkedin artists

Click the icon on the right as shown in the image, to send invitations directly to Linkedin connections.

Selecting names on the left will make them will appear on the right. When 50 are collected, click Finished. These all now appear in the Connections box.

Next, click the Send Invitations button

The final steps are to manage permissions, set group rules, and to start a few discussions.


Helpful Linkedin Tips


  1. Spend some time at your new Linkedin art group to initiate a few discussions of your own.
  2. Answer questions and like group member’s posts.
  3. Share popular discussions at Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.
  4. One email can be sent weekly to Linked in group members, but please do not abuse this with non-relevant emails.
  5. Try to visit your group, and invite others regularly.

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  1. Obviously I don't use LinkedIn enough because I didn't even know this was an option. I have just been using it to display my career path. That changes pretty quickly and within a couple of weeks my linkedin profile is out of date! Thanks for the info though, I joined your group and will share some of my works.


Thank-you for your comment!