A logo is a little graphic that often identifies a business or brand name. There are several reasons logos may be useful to online artists.

  1. cooltext art logoA logo helps to make artists appear more established and professional.

  2. Branding: To help others recognize you by viewing your logo.

  3. People generally remember a logo easier than text.

  4. Logos help artists stand out from the rest.


For this tutorial, I describe a free method artists may use to create logos using Cooltext. These logos may be designed for websites, profiles, email headers, and even for artist business cards.

Create a Cooltext Logo Tutorial for Artists

Create your own Website!

Go to Cooltext.com

Select the Cooltext Graphics Generator at the bottom right-hand corner.

A page will be presented with all the steps to design the logo. I will walk you through the steps to create your very own professional looking artist logo.

One of the great things about Cooltext is that the logo does not have to be designed in the order that they are displayed. So, you may either decide to play around with the various functions, or follow along with this tutorial. I will be giving some helpful tips regarding designing a logo for artists in this Cooltext tutorial.


artist logo symbol

The first section here involves making a logo symbol. This is a tiny graphical image that appears alongside the text.

First, click on the symbol to be presented with a page full of categorized logo designs. There are quite a few to choose from here.


Some time may have to be spent browsing through the various categories to find one to your liking. Thinking about the theme or subject of your artworks may help. I chose a lamp, which I will be using to create an artist spotlight logo. When a symbol is finally found, just click on it to be brought back to the logo creation page.



logo layout designClicking the Layout tab will bring up a menu with various options for the general design. Experiment with the designs shown until an optimal layout is achieved.

For the next section, size and angle of the image may be adjusted. The angle actually tilts the symbol to whatever degree that is set. Flip the symbol horizontally by choosing that setting.


I will describe each section here separately, to give a better understanding.

  1. Fill – Select Fill to pick the type of gradient needed: flat, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Experiment with each to choose the one that looks best.

    The two colors are two shades which gradually flow into one another. To make sure the colors compliment one another, please follow these steps. Choose a darker color in the palette that pops up, and copy the number code as shown. Then click anywhere outside the box to apply one color. Click on the other color and paste the copied color code into the box, and choose a lighter shade.

  2. logo fill shadowOutline – Changes the outline: thin to huge.

  3. Shadow – The shadow may be adjusted to none, drop or glow.

  4. Other – The symbol effect may be set to flat, 3D, bordered, or metal 3D


To add text, enter it into the boxes. If you do not want text for the logo, simply leave it out. Most of the settings here are basically the same as the previous. Try out different options to get the desired effect.

Cooltext provides a wide variety of cool fonts. Click the font shown to bring up a page with fonts divided into several categories. Select the best one which suits the logo design.

When completely satisfied with the design, click Render Logo at the bottom.

On the next page, you may either download, edit again, obtain the HTML code, or email the image.

Congratulations! Your logo is finally complete and ready to be added to websites, Facebook pages, and even may be reduced in size for a favicon.

Keep your logo design in an easy to find place on your computer. Soon I will show you how to create free artist business cards, using that same logo.

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